2014 Opportunities in the UK Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (STD) Diagnostic Testing Market

2014 Opportunities in the UK Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (STD) Diagnostic Testing Market

Category : Diagnostic and Biotech
Published On : December  2013

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About This Report

This new 280-page report from Venture Planning Group presents detailed analysis of the UK STD market, including sales forecasts and supplier shares for Chancroid, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes (I/II, VI), Papillomavirus (Pap Smear, HPV), and Syphilis.  The report provides test volume and sales projections for Hospitals, Commercial and Public Health Labs.    

In addition to market share and sales forecasts, the report:

-  Examines market applications of Molecular Diagnostics, Monoclonal Antibodies, Immunoassays, IT and other emerging technologies;

-  Reviews features and operating characteristics of major analyzers used for STD testing;

-  Profiles key suppliers and potential market entrants developing innovative technologies and products; and

-  Analyzes emerging opportunities, alternative market penetration strategies, market entry barriers/risks, and strategic planning issues.


The report is based on a combination of primary and secondary information sources, including interviews with laboratory directors, and executives of leading diagnostics companies and start-up firms developing innovative products. In addition to primary sources of information, a comprehensive review of

the most recent technical and business publications, manufacturer product
and financial literature, as well as Venture Planning Group’s proprietary data files was conducted.
Contains 280 pages and 16 tables

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