Luxury Goods Retailing in Europe, 2013-2018 - Market and Category Expenditure and Forecasts, Trends, and Competitive Landscape

Luxury Goods Retailing in Europe, 2013-2018 - Market and Category Expenditure and Forecasts, Trends, and Competitive Landscape

Category : Consumer Goods
Published On : November  2014
Pages : 90

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The “Luxury Goods Retailing in Europe, 2013-2018” report, published by Conlumino, provides an analysis of current and forecast market data of luxury goods retail sales in Europe including market sizes in each country and category analysis. In addition, it highlights the largest and fastest growing markets for the luxury goods categories, covers key trends influencing the markets, with an emphasis on leading retailers and lists key mergers and acquisitions in the region. Also provides market shares of key luxury goods retailers in the region and provides a focus on LVMH’s  brand expansion and growth strategies.

Key Findings
• Despite economic and political instability, the luxury goods market remains strong, driven by growth in tourist spending – between 2013 and 2018 it will grow by US$38.4bn
• The UK will emerge as the largest market for luxury retailing by 2018, surpassing Italy
• Clothing remains the key category in most luxury markets across Europe, accounting for 24.2% share in  2018, driven by the demand for new designer’s apparels from young fashion designers and international brands
• Jewelry is the fastest growing luxury category as it has an added advantage of being considered asset amongst individuals, particularly for those affected by the recession, the upper middle class, HENRY’s (high earners, not rich yet), and tourists from developing economies
• Techno-luxury in wearables and use of new in-store technologies to enhance consumer experience, are some of the new trends in luxury retailing

• Provides a comprehensive view and data on the luxury goods retail landscape in Europe, including current market sizes and category forecasts to 2018; and highlights the region’s fastest growing markets for the categories. Also provides market data by categories and penetration of luxury retail sales in total retail sales.
• Details market size forecasts for each country in Europe, and features major luxury brands, mergers and acquisitions and luxury retail trends
• Provides analysis of LVMH brand expansion and growth strategies, including brand acquisitions of key brands over the years 
• The report covers 24 countries in Europe including Turkey

Reasons To Buy
• The report provides an essential overview of the luxury goods retail market, highlighting the largest and fastest growing markets across Europe
• Provides analysis of the latest trends, market dynamics and key innovations in the luxury goods retail space 
• Identifies the largest and fastest growing markets in each categories
• Benefit from a detailed analysis of key trends influencing the luxury goods retail market 
• Monitor the competitive landscape, with analysis of key players across Europe and their market shares

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LVMH Case Study
Luxury Goods Retail Trends
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