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Dematic Aims to Bigger with Expansion in the Global Conveyor System Market

  •   June 8,2017

The machine sector has witnessed various advancements owing to increase in demand among world populace. A report added by Research Beam, titled, “Global Conveyor Systems Sales Market Report 2017” highlights more factors that continue to drive the industry.

It is essential for the leading manufacturers of the global conveyor market to constantly adopt new strategies to survive competition in the industry. The most effective technique to sustain in the market is acquisition of other firms. Recently, it was announced by Dematic, an U.S. based firm and a leading producer of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimize the supply chain, that it would integrate Egemin Automation within its company. Acquisition would get completed by the end of 2017. The resultant of this merger would be the biggest Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) of the world. This would enhance capability of Dematic to integrate system in Europe.

It is anticipated by the experts that merger would bring best of experience, technology, and talent from both firms. This would also offer better services to customers owing to enhanced warehouse automation and AGV solutions. In the first of two main amalgamation steps, Dematic would create a “Mobile Automation Center of Excellence (COE)” which would incorporate the Egemin Automation, Dematic, and NDC. The NDC is the latest merger of Dematic in Australia. In addition, the COE would include in-floor chain conveyor of Egemin. It is decided by the top-level management that headquarter of the COE would be in Holland, a city in Michigan (US). It would be spread across the world, such as Egemin Automation offices in Zwijndrecht, Germany (Bremen), Netherlands (Gorinchem), Belgium, France (Heillecourt). It would also have offices from Australia (Belrose) and in China (Shanghai), which were earlier used by Dematic.

During the second of amalgamation, they would focus on the improved services that would offer intensive solutions for the vertical market. Further, this would include standard convey, pallet warehouse systems, and sort solutions. These are incorporated in acquisition so that they could help to address the diversified needs of the industry, such as beverage & food, distribution & logistics, and pharmaceuticals. The joint portfolios of warehouse automation solutions by Egemin and Dematic would be coupled with talent, experience, and technology. This would aid both firms to offer maximum benefits to present as well as new customers.  

It is apparent that it is nearly impossible to stop Dematic to become a world class leader in the global conveyor system market. It would also be known as an institution with the best infrastructure. It has inaugurated a new building as a head office of state-of-the-art on 30 May 2017. It has been opened in Adderbury, Oxfordshire to especially target clients from the Northern Europe. The latest office of Dematic has been renovated and it offer the best infrastructure that would enhance efficiency of the employees. It includes a place especially designed to be used as training academy, outstanding amenities for employee. Further, the building also has a customer response center which functions 24/7 customer, conference facilities, and a live exhibition showroom which would be used to demonstrate the automation technology.

The Dematic continuously takes such steps that would make its presence felt in the global conveyor system market. It is a firm which can quickly scan the future trends of the industry. Therefore, it would immerge as a leading manufacturer of the market in the years to come.


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