Opportunities for Kale

Opportunities for Kale

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June  2015  Pages : 34

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Kale is an on-trend "superfood" ingredient purported to have numerous benefits for health and beauty. This research identifies consumer perceptions of kale in terms of how healthy they perceive it to be and how effective they think it would be in beauty/grooming products. The research helps identify key consumer groups to target, and suggests ways to reach these consumers.

- Access unique consumer insight to understand how consumers perceive kale as an ingredient, in terms of health and effectiveness.

- Understand who the key target consumer groups for kale-based innovation are, and explore suggested marketing platforms to target them.

- Explore best-in-class examples of kale-based innovation from across the FMCG space.

- Identify which of Canadean Consumer's TrendSights sub-trends the kale trend aligns most closely to.

Reasons To Buy
- What are the benefits associated with kale?

- How healthy do consumers perceive kale to be, and how effective do they think it can be in beauty/grooming products?

- Who are the key target consumer groups for kale-based innovation and how can their needs be met?

- What opportunities does the kale trend present for manufacturers from across the FMCG space?

Key Highlights
Globally, 73% of consumers are familiar with kale as an ingredient. Furthermore, well over half (57%) believe it to have a positive impact on health, and 41% believe it can be effective in beauty/grooming products.

Consumers' willingness to experiment, desire for natural ingredients, and preference for food over medicine are among the drivers of the kale trend.
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