Global Tradeshow Update: NASFT Fancy Food Show 2013

Global Tradeshow Update: NASFT Fancy Food Show 2013

Category : Food & Beverages
Published On : February  2013
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The Global Tradeshow Update is Canadean's look back at the NASFT Fancy Food Show. The update provides an overview of the event, reports the opinions of exhibitors and organizers on the key issues affecting the sector, and also provides a Summary of major products and innovations from the tradeshow.

- Get the highlights from this year's NASFT Fancy Food Show.

- Drive product ideation or track emerging trends by studying the key innovations from the tradeshow.

- Gain an insight into the mood of the industry through the opinion of key players.

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- What is the NASFT Fancy Food Show?

- What were the highlights of this year's show?

- What were the major new product and innovation trends to emerge from the NASFT Fancy Food Show that I should be aware of?

Key Highlights
Among the key trends noted by the Product Launch Analytics (PLA) team at this year's NASFT Fancy Food Show were gourmet ingredients entering unusual territory, including that of snacks, confectionery, and pasta sauces. Meanwhile, salted caramel, sea salt, and coconut continue to be flavors to watch in specialty food.
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