Refund Policy

We take payments according to the procedure mentioned on the website. We will not be responsible for sales, usage, and related taxes & customs. Once the payment is done, it will not be refunded. If the user has any queries or difficulties concerning transactions and method of payment, he/she should contact our sales representatives before making a buying decision. However, if the user believes that there are some errors occurring during transactions, in that case, he/she should immediately contact our customer service team.

We don’t accept returns after delivery of products owing to format & nature of data and information contained in the reports. However, the customization will be provided through Research Beam in case there is missing or incomplete data in the reports.



Research Beam is a high end and wide online market for market research reports that contain detailed and rational market research. Research Beam is a one stop report destination that offers clients well drafted and accurately analyzed report with insightful data.

Reports available on our data base are holistic in nature and will help to understand your related market effectively. Our market research reports are of the highest quality with deep dive analytical view that offer clients incisive perspective about the market. With the help of our reports, clients can easily understand the dynamic nature of their respective markets and then implement result oriented decisions.

With armor of expertise and experience, Research Beam is best place to address your business research needs.