Health and Wellness Trends in Food and Drink

Health and Wellness Trends in Food and Drink

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April  2013  Pages : 55

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Health andamp; Wellness is one of the key mega-trends driving consumer behavior and underpinning innovation in the food and drink space. This presentation uses consumer insight to identify opportunities for innovation in the Health andamp; Wellness space, drawing upon examples of product success and failure to show how brands should align with other mainstream consumer trends to succeed in this space.

- Learn about what drives consumers to buy the products they do.

- Learn about key opportunities in the Health andamp; Wellness space.

Reasons To Buy
- What drives consumers to buy what they buy in the Health andamp; Wellness space?

- What opportunities are there for manufacturers to capitalize on in the Health andamp; Wellness trend?

- What leads to success or failure in the healthy food and drink space?

Key Highlights
There is a value-action gap in the functional health space that can be narrowed through targeted innovation. Positive health claims are growing in importance, but avoidance claims remain a key influencer. Failure rates for innovation are high, therefore aligning with consumer needs is vital to elevate success rates.
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