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Medical Equipment and Supply Markets in China

China’s demand for medical equipment and supply markets has grown at a fast pace in the past decade. In the next five years, both production and demand will continue to grow. This is a collection of 10 full market research reports:

917 Medical Devices Markets in China
908 Medical Imaging Devices and Equipment Markets in China
906 Patient Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems Markets in China
184 Disposable Medical Supplies Markets in China
196 Medical Equipment Markets in China
259 Health Care Markets in China
273 Oral Care Products Markets in China
306 Dental Equipment Markets in China
308 Eye Care Products Markets in China
840 Blood Products Markets in China

These new studies examine China’s economic trends, investment environment, industry development, supply and demand, industry capacity, industry structure, marketing channels and major industry participants. Historical data (2003, 2008 and 2013) and long-term forecasts through 2018 and 2023 are presented. Major producers in China are profiled.

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Published Reports
June  2013

The Future of the Skincare Market in Denmark to 2017 is the result of Canadean’s extensive market research.

November  2012

This report presents data on the Toothpaste consumption trends in Czech Republic. It analyzes Toothpaste consumption volumes and values at market and category level in addition to brand share and distribution channel data.

February  2013

The report presents detailed data on consumption trends in the Shampoo category in Czech Republic, analyzing consumption volumes and values at segment level.

Upcoming Reports

Global equestrian market consists of horse racing and betting, competitive riding and leisure. It supports various secondary markets of which equine healthcare is major.

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Date : January  2014
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