Personal Care Product Usage On the Go

Personal Care Product Usage On the Go

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In order to effectively target the significant group of consumers using personal care products on the go (e.g. at work or while commuting), it is vital to develop a deep understanding of consumer needs and behaviors that characterize on-the-go usage. This short survey was conducted via smartphone and includes responses only from consumers who use personal care products outside the home.

- Presentation highlights insights from a survey conducted with over 500 smartphone users in the US to understand on-the-go personal care product usage.

- Respondent sample comprised of users of at least one type of personal care product (skincare/cosmetic/grooming/personal hygiene) on the go.

- Insights and the accompanying datapack show responses for both genders and various age groups.

Reasons To Buy
- How many beauty products do consumers typically carry in their bag when commuting?

- Why do consumers use beauty or grooming products outside the home?

- Which aspect of travel size products do consumers find most appealing?

Key Highlights
Nearly half of consumers carry two to five beauty products when commuting.

On average, seven in 10 consumers say that they buy travel size beauty products. More than two thirds of these consumers say that they often buy the same brand as their regular beauty product choices.

Data provided in easy-to-use tables in Excel
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