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Global Wearable Medical Devices (Home Healthcare) Market, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast, Global Analysis, Research, Report, Segmentation, Future Demand, 2012 - 2020

Wearable medical devices are handheld monitoring tools used in identification and monitoring of disease. Due to the Increase in chronic diseases, patients are opting home healthcare as a cost effective and efficient way of treatment, rather than hospital services. Medical device market accounted for $240 billion in 2013. However, increase in incidence of chronic diseases restricts the growth of wearable medical device market. Neurological diseases in people have increased to 7.2% in urban areas, causing hurdles for monitoring through wearable medical devices.

Wearable medical devices are facing challenges in providing cost effective monitoring to patients suffering from chronic disease such as Cancer and other blood diseases. This report focuses on different segments, current trends available in the market and provides forecasted intelligence about future market growth. The forecasted market growth in this report is from 2013-2020.

Key players in this market includes; Nuubo, Omron Corporation, Zephyr Technology Corporation, Basis Science, Inc., Corventis, Inc., LifeWatch AG, Polar Electro, Withings, Intelesens Ltd., Fitbit, Inc.


•    Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business to provide better understanding of potential opportunities and challenges in this market.
•    Market estimation for application, device and geographic segment is derived from current market scenario and expected market trends.
•    The report provides for in-depth understanding of the market scenarios in various geographic regions so that key players can make plans to explore opportunities in specific regions
•    In depth analysis of key drivers, restraints and opportunities of wearable medical devices market with impact analysis
•    Value chain analysis, Porter’s five forces model, top investment pockets (GE9 Cell Matrix) are analyzed and presented in detail in the report


•    Pain management devices
•    Glucose monitoring devices
•    Respiratory Therapy devices


•    Home healthcare
•    Remote Patient Monitoring
•    Sports and Fitness

•    North America
•    Europe
•    Asia-pacific
•    ROW

•    Health care device manufacturing companies
•    Pharmaceutical companies
•    Research institutes private and government


Tentative Table of Content

1. Introduction
 1.1. Objectives
 1.2. Key Benefits
 1.3. Key Deliverables
2. Executive Summary
3. Market Overview
 3.1. Market Definition and Scope
 3.2. Key Findings
  3.2.1. Top Factors Impacting Long term evolution market
  3.2.2. Top Investment Pockets
  3.2.3. Top winning strategies
 3.3. Porter’s Five force Analysis
 3.4. Government Regulations
 3.5. Value chain analysis
 3.6. Case Studies
 3.7. Market Dynamics
  3.7.1. Drivers
  3.7.2. Restraints
  3.7.3. Opportunities
4. Global wearable medical device market by devices, 2012-2020, $Million
 4.1. Pain management devices
 4.2. Glucose monitoring devices
 4.3. Respiratory Therapy devices
5. Global wearable medical device market by application, 2012-2020, $Million
 5.1. Home healthcare
 5.2. Remote Patient Monitoring
 5.3. Sports and Fitness
6. Global wearable medical device market by geography, 2012-2020, $Million
 6.1. North America
 6.2. Europe
 6.3. Asia-pacific
 6.4. ROW
7. Company Profiles
 7.1. Nuubo
 7.2. Omron Corporation
 7.3. Zephyr Technology Corporation
 7.4. Basis Science, Inc.
 7.5. Corventis, Inc.
 7.6. LifeWatch AG
 7.7. Polar Electro.
 7.8. Withings
 7.9. Intelesens Ltd.
 7.10. Fitbit, Inc.

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