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Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Recognizes a Luxury Hotel Restaurant for Second Consecutive Year

  •   April 7,2016

Research Beam throws light on "Global Luxury Hotels Market to 2018"

It does not come as a surprise that world largest continent, Asia lures travelers with its diversity. From tallest towers in Indonesia to coconut plantations of Sri Lanka, hotels there take tourists inside the varied heritage of their host countries. There is lot to learn and travelers’ experimental education begins when it’s should – the min he books a room. Recently, hotel Shilla Co. proved it right when its restaurant made to the list of Asia’s top 50 best restaurant. The brand is Korea’s reputed operator of luxury hotels. La Yeon restaurant is located on the topmost floor of the Hotel and has backed a reputed position for the second consecutive year in 2016. 

The news made headlines in the luxury hotel soon after the UK – based publisher William Reed Business Media included it in the list with top 49 restaurants. Eyeing the recent developments in the luxury hotel industry Research Beam added a market research report titled “The Global Luxury Hotels Market to 2018.” Study reveals that United States had garnered about US$43.9 B in 2013. Announcement was made during an award ceremony held in Thailand. Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants was inaugurated in 2013. La Yeon has positioned itself internationally as the best in the food service industry. Group’s world- class ambiance, gourmets and opinion leaders has lured travelers from across the globe. The restaurant was thoroughly evaluated for holding onto its traditional value and authentic food cooking techniques.

Commenting on this achievement, Kim Sung- chef at La Yeon said “Our efforts to become the best Korean restaurant after opening in August 2013 have reaped fruit.” He added “We are happy that La Yeon, an upscale formal dining place for Korean food, has been favorably assessed by Asia’s best evaluators.” Now when many five – star hotels find it difficult to maintain their restaurants, La Yeon has been generating profits from its Chinese, Italian and Japanese cuisine. Although the restaurant busks the trend and still continues to run its Korean restaurant. Authentic Korean dishes and “Hansik” which is country’s most traditional cuisine is popular among European clients.

Foreign customers are particularly fond of a seafood named “Sinseollo” said a spokeswoman. Report also highlighted that China had generated US$20.6 B in 2013. Business owners seeking information about the effective business strategies that would help them position their brand above others would find the study worth their time and investment. To conclude, the study outlines the key drivers, restraints and opportunities of the market.


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