2013 Consumer Survey Data - Food and Non-alcoholic Drinks

2013 Consumer Survey Data - Food and Non-alcoholic Drinks

Category : Food & Beverages
Published On : October  2013
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In 2013, Canadean Consumer conducted its annual consumer survey. We asked 25,000 consumers in 24 countries to answer questions revealing their food and drink consumption habits, and attitudes towards health, product claims, and industry issues. The data is presented in Excel format with the full question list, and response data by gender, age, and country.

- Use our data to conduct your own analysis of the food and non-alcoholic drinks sector

- Understand which food and drink claims resonate most with consumers according to age, gender, and country

- Gain insight into consumer attitudes to key trends and drivers of today's food and non-alcoholic drinks industry

Reasons To Buy
- What do consumers priortize when preparing a meal? Taste? Price? Convenience? Health?

- What proportion of consumers are vegetarian, vegan, or eat meat? What are they avoiding in their diets? What are they trying to consumer more of?

- What are consumers' concerns about the food and drink they buy? What do they think about the industry's efforts to tackle health and ethical issues?

- How appealing and trustworthy do they consider different food and drink claims to be?

- How many consumers are watching their weight? Who are they? How are they trying to manage their weight?

Key Highlights
Full list of questions asked about food and non-alcoholic drinks in the Canadean 2013 Survey

Data provided in easy-to-use tables in Excel

Data provided by global average, gender, age group, and by country
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