2014 Consumer Survey Data - Global Averages - General Health Concerns

2014 Consumer Survey Data - Global Averages - General Health Concerns

Category : Healthcare
Published On : April  2014
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In February and March 2014, we surveyed 25,000 consumers globally about their level of concern related to dozens of health and wellness related issues. The data is presented in Excel format with the full question list, and response data by gender and age.

- Use our data to conduct your own analysis of consumers' health and wellness concerns globally

- Understand what concerns consumers in terms of their health today, and which health issues they are concerned might affect them in the future.

- Compare the relative importance of different health concerns across age and gender globally

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- What are the most pressing health concerns for consumers globally today?

- Which health issues are consumers globally concerned might affect them in future?

- Which health concerns are the most and least important to different types of consumer?

Key Highlights
Full list of questions asked about health and wellness concerns in the Canadean 2014 Consumer Survey

Data provided in easy-to-use tables in Excel

Data provided by national average, gender, and age group
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