2014 Consumer Survey Data - Global Averages - Lifestyle and Shopping

2014 Consumer Survey Data - Global Averages - Lifestyle and Shopping

Category : Consumer Goods
Published On : March  2014
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In February and March 2014, we surveyed nearly 25,000 consumers in 25 countries about their grocery shopping and lifestyle habits. The data is presented in Excel format with the full question list, and response data by gender and age.

- Use our data to conduct your own analysis of consumers' grocery shopping priorities

- Understand consumers' online activities and preferences according to age and gender

- Gain insight into consumers' diet, weight, and exercise habits

- Analyse consumers' eating and drinking habits outside the home

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- What kind of social media activity do consumers engage in?

- What are consumers' attitudes to eating out in restaurants or drinking in pubs and bars?

- Are consumers weight conscious and do they exercise or follow specific diets to manage their weight?

- What are consumers' shopping habits?

- What are consumers' attitudes to money and the economy?

Key Highlights
Full list of questions asked about grocery shopping and lifestyle habits in the Canadean 2014 Consumer Survey

Data provided in easy-to-use tables in Excel

Data provided by national average, gender, and age group
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