2015 Next Generation Emerging Markets Consumer Survey Data - Romania

2015 Next Generation Emerging Markets Consumer Survey Data - Romania

Category : Food & Beverages
Published On : July  2015
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In June-July 2015, we surveyed 500 consumers in Romania about their shopping behavior and spend in 16 categories across food, drink, alcohol, personal, household and laundry care; factors influencing their product choices; and lifestyle habits. The data is presented in Excel format with the full question list, and is segmented by age and gender.

- Use our data to conduct your own analysis of consumer perceptions and shopping behaviour in Romania

- Understand how consumers' preferences in Romania differ by age and gender

- Insight into consumer buy/spend in many categories, and how factors influencing consumers' product purchases vary across the major FMCG categories

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- Do consumers demonstrate different buying behaviors according to the category?

- What are the spending priorities for consumers in this country?

- What are the key factors influencing product purchases in food and drink, alcoholic drinks, personal care and household cleaning/ laundry products?

- What are consumers in this country doing with regards to their weight?

Key Highlights
Full list of questions asked across all FMCG sectors in Canadean Consumer's Next Generation Emerging Markets Survey 2015

Data provided in easy-to-use tables in Excel

Data provided by national average, gender, and age group
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