2015 Q2 Consumer Survey Data - New Zealand - Flavors and Fragrances

2015 Q2 Consumer Survey Data - New Zealand - Flavors and Fragrances

Category : Consumer Goods
Published On : May  2015
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In Q2 2015 we surveyed 1,000 respondents in New Zealand about their perceptions of fragrances and flavors. In this dataset they reveal what fragrances they associate with particular emotions and mindsets, as well as stating flavor preferences for 16 major FMCG categories.

- Learn what fragrances consumers associate with various emotions - helping you create products that tap into such values.

- Understand what flavor types consumers most prefer within 16 categories, and the individual flavors within those types that have the greatest appeal.

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- What fragrances do consumers associate with concepts such as indulgence, playfulness, and spirituality?

- What motivates consumers to experiment with new flavors?

- What is the appeal of various flavors across more than a dozen major FMCG categories?

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Full list of questions asked about ingredients in Canadean Consumer's 2015 Q2 global survey

Data provided in easy-to-use tables in Excel

Data provided by national average, gender, and age group
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