Accessing the parking meter: Analysis of parking services

Accessing the parking meter: Analysis of parking services

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February  2012  Pages : 14

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This report analyses the ICT of parking services in the UK, its current state, market size and evolution. This overview of the market is intended for those considering this market for the first time and those who have experience of this sector.
This report aims to provide an understanding of the parking services in the UK. It provides a detailed analysis of the current system including information about the future of this sector including: case studies and technological advances.
This report provides a detailed analysis of the parking services in England. It provides both tactical and strategic insights into the current plans of outsourcing in this sector along with case studies. Bringing together Kable Market Research's research, modeling and analysis expertise in order to develop uniquely detailed market data. Allowing companies to identify the market dynamics within parking services ICT market.
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• Gain knowledge on the current status of parking services within England. • Gain insight in outsourcing opportunities within this sector.

Table of Contents
1 Analysis of parking services
1.1 Key points
1.2 Introduction to parking services
1.3 Outsourcing parking services
1.3.1 Off-street parking
1.3.2 On-street parking
1.3.3 Administration of payments, fines and permits Blue Badge Scheme
1.4 Market size and direction of travel
1.4.1 Cost of local authority parking services
1.4.2 Future of the market Type of contracts Technological advances
1.5 Supplier landscape APCOA Mouchel NSL
1.5.2 Other suppliers Administration Enforcement
1.6 Case studies
1.6.1 Typical Examples
1.6.2 Brighton & Hove City Council
1.6.3 London Borough of Brent
1.6.4 Unique examples Roads Service (Northern Ireland) Westminster City Council

List Of Tables
List Of Figures
Figure 1: UK public sector parking market, 2010-11 (£m)
Figure 2: Top 20 highest spending councils on parking services (2010-11)

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