Ancient Grains: Bakery and Beyond

Ancient Grains: Bakery and Beyond

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July  2015  Pages : 50

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"Ancient grains" refers to grains that were highly prevalent before modernized hybrids came about and are considered to be a richer source of nutrients than modern grains. This research identifies consumer perceptions of ancient grains in terms of how healthy they are and highlights opportunities for bread, bakery, and other FMCG categories to capitalize on the health benefits of ancient grains.

- Access unique consumer insight to understand how consumers perceive ancient grains as an ingredient, in terms of health impact.

- Understand who the key target consumer groups for ancient-grain-based innovation are, and explore suggested marketing platforms to target them.

- Explore best-in-class examples of innovation from across food, drinks, and personal care in categories such as bakery, cereals, snacks, and dairy.

- Identify which of Canadean Consumer's TrendSights sub-trends the ancient grains trend aligns most closely to.

- Gain insight into new upcoming categories to focus ancient-grain-related NPD on.

Reasons To Buy
- What are the benefits associated with ancient grains?

- How healthy do consumers perceive ancient grains such as quinoa and spelt to be?

- Who are the key target consumer groups for ancient-grain-based innovation and how can their needs be met?

- How can bakery and cereal manufacturers capitalize on the health benefits linked with ancient grains?

- What opportunities does the ancient grain trend present for manufacturers beyond bakery and cereals?

Key Highlights
Globally, 81% of consumers are familiar with ancient grains as ingredients. Furthermore, well over half (54%) believe them to have a positive impact on health.

Weight-conscious women are among the recommended key targets for ancient grains. They are more highly attentive to the ingredients used in food and drink than average, and have a positive view of the impact ancient grains have on health, perhaps linked to the role such grains are claimed to play in supporting weight loss.
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