Anti-Pollution Claims in Personal Care

Anti-Pollution Claims in Personal Care

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May  2015  Pages : 19

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Today's consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of environmental aggressors on their appearance. This, combined with a rapidly urbanizing global population, is creating demand for products that can target the negative impact of urban pollution on their appearance-related health. This report seeks to explore how brands are satisfying this need and the opportunities going forward.

- Creates an understanding of what is driving anti-pollution claims in personal care innovation.

- Offers insight into the key consumer concerns in relation to this trend.

- Provides insight-based on results from Canadean Consumer's latest surveys, including the 2015 global ingredients survey.

Reasons To Buy
- How is this trend shaping personal care innovation?

- What are the key drivers impacting this trend and where?

- What will the next steps be for this trend going forward?

Key Highlights
Anti-aging plays a key role in driving this trend forward, particularly as consumers become aware of the impact of environmental aggressors beyond UV exposure. This therefore creates important opportunities to differentiate products from generic "anti-aging" claims and towards more targeted and granular solutions to preventable aging.

"Natural" ingredients are an important feature of anti-pollution innovation as brands counter the negative effects of chemical pollutants with "naturally" sourced and familiar ingredients. This is also creating opportunities to invest in new plant-based and botanical actives to offer proprietary anti-pollution formulations.
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