Beauty Trends and Innovation in Asia

Beauty Trends and Innovation in Asia

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July  2015  Pages : 32

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Asian countries are often in the spotlight as beauty trendsetters and innovator. This report explores the beauty market in three of the most influential countries - China, Japan, and South Korea - and identifies their unique characteristics. It looks at the further opportunities in the sector via three important issues in the market: anti-aging, formats, and ingredients.

- Creates an understanding of the beauty market landscape in Asia.

- Provides analysis of the key trends and innovations driven by Asian countries' unique characteristics.

- Offers insights and ideas for future opportunities in three key countries - China, Japan, and South Korea.

Reasons To Buy
- What are the key drivers in the Asian beauty market?

- What unique characteristics does the Asian beauty market demonstrate?

- How can beauty brands market and develop their products in Asia?

- What opportunities exist within beauty innovations in Asia?

Key Highlights
China, Japan, and South Korea have important roles in the global beauty market. These three countries are among the top 10 beauty product markets in the world, with a combined market value of $59.5bn in 2014.

Beauty trends and innovations are often from these three countries, particularly unique developments in anti-aging and beauty product formats and ingredients .Exploring these three areas provides an understanding of the key drivers in Asian beauty markets.
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