Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011 to 2017

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Published On : June  2011
Pages : 775

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Product Synopsis

WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Business Process Management (BPM) Software Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017. The 2011 study has 775 pages, 245 tables and figures. Business Process Management, (BPM) is evolving more sophisticated software that works in cloud computing environments, allowing users at every level to achieve self-provisioning and automate processes that involve collaboration.

IBM is the market leader in BPM with a suite of products that improve every year. IBM is able to invest in the product set, improving it as the customer base grows ever larger, spreading the cost of software implementation across the large customer base.

IBM is providing a BPM best practice solution that is the de-facto industry standard. The software that comprises IBM BPM foundation has been carefully selected from the IBM software portfolio to support each stage of the BPM life cycle, which includes four stages: IBM software portfolio’s ability to support each stage of the BPM life cycle - model, assemble, deploy, and manage - is built out with component software that matches the defined stages.

The hybrid computing systems provide dramatic improvement in cost structures, creating the ability to use Business Process Management systems along with Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) in a wide variety of situations. The line of business can launch applications into the cloud without having to worry about the underlying hardware platform.

BPM software lets a user move from defining a problem, creating a model that describes the solution, assembling code components to address the solution, deploying the solution, and managing the results as the solution is implemented over time. In this manner software represents a complete middleware solution to rapidly respond to changing market conditions.

Business process management software is achieving resurgence as enterprises realize that automation of process is key to market growth. Innovation depends on process automation. Software is critical to enabling solutions. Software is a strategic business asset used in every industry at every level. Software is necessary to provide automated process.

Business processes and business process management techniques are becoming accepted. But the interpretation is different. There are a wide range of business processes that are appropriate for different business domains. Some manufacturing business domains focus on very strictly controlled processes. They require a very consistent outcome. Customer service oriented domains focus on very free-form, unstructured processes. They require varied and customized outcomes.

Enterprise leaders are deploying increasingly intelligent applications software, middleware, systems and products. There is an accelerating adoption of innovation in the enterprise. Technology is enabling effective change. Change is highly dependent on the ability to manage effective software development and achieve delivery of systems.

Collaboration is key to BPM program success. BPM programs require collaboration and coordination at all levels and phases. BPM suites are human-centric. BPM suites support collaboration. Leading vendors are delivering sophisticated social and Web 2.0 features.

Process collaboration has evolved to a whole new level. Vendors have weaved social networks and collaboration into their BPM frameworks, providing sophisticated user profiling, process feeds, process discovery wikis, and social harvesting capabilities.


Business Process Management Market Driving Forces

Business Process Management Market Shares

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts

BPM Targeted Solution Frameworks, Embedding

Agile Project Management Features

Collaboration Key To BPM Program Success

BPM Industry Consolidation

Complexity Of The Underlying IT Technologies

Impact of Platforms

Business Process Management (BPM) Systems


1.1 Business Process Management Defines How An Enterprise Operates

1.1.1 BPM Process Modeling

1.1.2 BPM Targeted Solution Frameworks, Embedding Agile Project Management Features

1.1.3 Collaboration Key To BPM Program Success

1.1.4 BPM Acquisitions

1.2 Business Process Management Platforms

1.2.1 Comprehensive Risk Analysis

1.3 Business Process Management Functions

1.3.1 Execution of Business Processes

1.3.2 Integration Aspects of BPM

1.3.3 BPM Supports Overlapping Systems

1.3.4 SOA / B2Bi Systems

1.3.5 A Comprehensive BPM Platform

1.4 BPM Web Services

1.4.1 A Business Process Monitoring, Analysis and Control Platform

1.5 Web 2.0 Internet Scale Mainstream Applications

1.5.1 Web 2.0 Design Patterns

1.5.2 Data is t Next for Web 2.0

1.5.3 Network Effects

1.5.4 Collaboration

1.5.5 Social Networking Heuristics

1.5.6 Wiki-Style Collaborative Editing

1.6 Core Competencies of Web 2.0

1.7 Web 2.0 Next Generation Applications

1.8 Web 2.0 Impact On Business Environment

1.8.1 Web 2.0 Corporate and Marketing Communications

1.9 Blogging

1.9.1 Architecture of Participation

1.9.2 Permalink Functionality

1.10 Organization Central To BPM Strategy

1.10.1 Organizational Changes


2.1 Business Process Management Market Driving Forces

2.2 Business Process Management Market Shares

2.2.1 IBM Business Process Management (BPM)

2.2.2 Oracle

2.2.3 Microsoft Biz Talk Server

2.2.4 Adobe

2.2.5 Tibco Dynamic BPM

2.2.6 Tibco BPM

2.2.7 Progress Software Savvion BusinessManager

2.2.8 PNMsoft

2.2.9 Fujitsu

2.2.10 PegaSystems

2.2.11 PegaSystems Recognized Industry Leader

2.2.12 HandySoft

2.2.13 Newgen Software Automates Key Processes

2.2.14 Polymita

2.2.15 Global 360

2.2.16 Fabasoft

2.2.17 Singularity

2.2.18 EMC

2.2.19 OpenText Metastorm Business Process Management (BPM)

2.3 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts

2.3.1 Business Process Management (BPM) Market Industry Segments,

i. BPM Systems Provide A Complete View Of

ii. End-To-End Business Processes

2.3.3 Automation of Business Process

2.3.4 Linked BPM and SOA

2.4 Quantities of Information to be Managed

2.5 Business Process Management (BPM) Regional Market Segments


3.1 IBM Business Process Management (BPM)

3.1.1 IBM Business Process Manager

3.1.2 IBM Business Monitor

3.1.3 IBM WebSphere Business Events

3.1.4 IBM Integration Designer

3.1.5 IBM WebSphere Decision Server

3.1.6 IBM Case Manager

3.1.7 IBM BPM Industry Packs

3.1.8 IBM Blue Works

3.1.9 IBM Support For Different Business Processes And Business Process Management Techniques

3.1.10 Users in IBM Blueworks Live

3.1.11 IBM Account Management Improvements

3.2 TIBCO iProcess Suite

3.2.1 Tibco Process Modeling and Implementation

3.2.2 Tibco Business Rules

3.2.3 Tibco Process Execution

3.2.4 Tibco User Workspace

3.2.5 Tibco Process Visibility

3.2.6 Tibco Dynamic BPM

3.2.7 Tibco BPM

3.2.8 Tibco Process Modeling

3.2.9 TIBCO Business Studio

3.2.10 Tibco Business Studio BPM in the Enterprise

3.2.11 Tibco Model-Driven Process Development 

3.2.12 Tibco Process Management 

3.2.13 Tibco Work Management 

3.2.14 Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Spotfire

3.2.15 Tibco BPM in the Cloud

3.2.16 Tibco Simple Applications and Workflows

3.2.17 Tibco Formvine

Tibco ActiveMatrix Service Performance Manager

Tibco ActiveMatrix Policy Manager

3.2.18 Tibco Software Business Integration

3.2.19 TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks

3.2.20 Tibco BusinessWorks SmartMapper

3.2.21 TIBCO Adapters

3.3 Progress Software Savvion BusinessManager

3.3.1 Progress Software’s Savvion BPM Server

3.3.2 Progress Software Savvion BPM Portal

3.3.3 Progress Software Savvion Business Expert

3.3.4 Progress Software Savvion Business Rules Management Server

3.3.5 Progress Software Savvion Process Asset Management Server

3.3.6 Progress Software Savvion Process Modeler

3.3.7 Progress Software Sonic Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for SOA

3.3.8 Progress Software Sonic ESB Workbench

3.4 Oracle

3.4.1 Oracle Business Process Management Suite

3.4.2 Oracle BPEL Process Manager

3.4.3 Oracle Human Workflow

3.4.4 Oracle Business Rules

3.4.5 Oracle Adapter Framework

3.4.6 Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

3.4.7 Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite

3.4.8 Oracle Process Governance

3.5 SAP Cloud Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

3.5.1 SAP SOA Business Suite

3.5.2 SAP SOA Customer Relationship Management

3.5.3 SAP SOA Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

3.6 Savvis

3.6.1 Savvis Symphony

3.7 BMC Software

3.8 OpenText Metastorm Enterprise Products

3.8.1 OpenText Metastorm ProVision® 

3.8.2 OpenText Metastorm ProVision® BPA 

3.8.3 OpenText Metastorm BPM®

3.8.4 OpenText Metastorm Integration Manager (MIM) 

3.8.5 OpenText Enterprise Architecture: Metastorm ProVision

3.8.6 OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Synergy With Other Systems

3.8.7 OpenText Metastorm ProVision Business Process Analysis (BPA)

3.8.8 OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Leveraging The Software And The Integrated Modeling Languages

3.8.9 OpenText Metastorm ProVision®’s Advanced Simulator

3.8.10 OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Process Data Discovery

3.8.11 OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Process Six Sigma Support

3.8.12 Opentext Metastorm Effective Monitoring And Managing User Tasks

3.8.13 OpenText Metastorm Advanced Process Intelligence

3.8.14 OpenText Metastorm Controlled Exception Management

3.9 Fiorano

3.9.1 FioranoMQ®

3.9.2 Fiorano SOA Components & Adapters

3.9.3 Fiorano Studio

3.9.4 Fiorano Studio Event Process Choreography

3.9.5 Fiorano Studio Synthesizing Event-Driven Business Processes

3.9.6 Fiorano Studio Deploying Event-Processes

3.9.7 Fiorano Studio Dynamically Modifying And Changing Event-Processes

3.9.8 Fiorano Studio Monitoring Event-Processes

3.10 Microsoft Biz Talk Server

3.10.1 Microsoft People-Ready Process: Routes of Adoption

3.10.2 Microsoft Process Awareness

3.10.3 Microsoft Process Standardization

3.10.4 Microsoft Process Automation

3.10.5 Microsoft Process Optimization

3.10.6 Microsoft Routes of Adoption: Process Awareness

3.10.7 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

3.10.8 Microsoft Routes of Adoption: Process Automation

3.10.9 Microsoft BizTalk Server

3.10.10 Microsoft's Business Process Platform

3.10.11 Microsoft. Office Business Applications

3.11 Hewlett Packard BPM Cloud Service Automation

HP Cloud Services Up And Running In Minutes: HP Maps

HP Financial Services

HP Cloud Service Automation for Matrix

Hewlett Packard HP SOA

Interoperability - Standards-based components make IT

Systems More Flexible And Significantly Simplify Integration

Reuse - Reduces Development Cost And Time And

Increases Quality Of Future Applications

HP SOA Governance Interoperability Framework (GIF)

3.12 Software AG

3.12.1 Software AG Optimization for Process

3.12.2 Software AG Document Centric BPM Content Service Platform

3.12.3 Software AG Content Management & Automation

3.12.4 Software AG webMethods Composite Application Framework

3.12.5 Software AG Optimize for SAP

3.13 Fujitsu Interstage

3.13.1 Fujitsu Interstage Automated Process Discovery (APD)

3.13.2 Fujitsu Cloud BPM

3.14 Pegasystem

3.14.1 Pegasystem Work Management

3.14.2 Pegasystem Monitoring and Reporting

3.14.3 Pegasystem Optimization and Reuse

3.14.4 Pegasystem Industry Solutions

3.14.5 Pegasystem BPM in the Cloud

3.15 Adobe

3.15.1 Adobe® LiveCycle® Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) ES2

3.15.2 Adobe's LiveCycle Collaboration Service

3.15.3 Adobe® LiveCycle® ES2 Connectors for ECM

3.15.4 Adobe® LiveCycle® Content Services

3.15.5 Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services

3.15.6 Adobe® LiveCycle® Digital Signatures

3.15.7 Adobe® LiveCycle® Forms

3.15.8 LiveCycle Mobile

3.15.9 Adobe® LiveCycle® Mosaic

3.15.10 Adobe® LiveCycle® Output

3.15.11 Adobe® LiveCycle® PDF Generator

3.15.12 The Adobe® LiveCycle® Process Management

3.15.13 Adobe® LiveCycle® Rights Management

3.15.14 Adobe® LiveCycle® Production Print


4.1 Industry Frameworks Used to Implement BPM Process

4.2 Business Process Management Technology Issues

4.2.1 Application Integration Professional Services Implementation Strategies

4.2.2 Application Connectivity

4.2.3 Single Vendor Issues

4.2.4 Standards Adoption

4.3 BPM Technology Analysis

4.4 BPM Business Benefits

4.5 Technology Platforms

4.5.1 Automated Virtualization Of Existing Enterprise Assets

4.5.2 Complexity Of The Underlying IT Technologies

4.5.3 Impact of Platforms

4.5.4 Platforms and Disparate Technologies

4.6 Events

4.6.1 Event Transmission

4.6.2 Business Process Automation

4.7 SOA Foundation Reference Architecture

4.7.1 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Business Rule Beans

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming Model Extensions

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Quality of Service

4.8 Oracle SOA Suite

4.8.1 Oracle SOA Benefits

4.8.2 Process-Oriented Architecture

4.8.3 Business Process Automation

4.8.4 Business Process Management Modular Architecture

4.8.5 Business Components


5.1 Active Endpoints

5.1.1 Active Endpoints Serves European Telecom Tele2 To Scale With ActiveVOS BPMS.

5.2 Adobe Systems

5.2.1 Adobe Targets Businesses And Organizations

5.2.2 Adobe Revenue

5.2.3 Adobe Systems Revenue:

5.2.4 Adobe Systems Software Tools

5.2.5 Adobe Systems Creative Solutions Business Summary

5.2.6 Adobe Knowledge Worker Market Opportunity

5.2.7 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker Products

5.2.8 Adobe Systems Enterprise Opportunity

5.2.9 Adobe Systems Enterprise Business Summary

5.2.10 Adobe Systems Enterprise Strategy

5.2.11 Adobe Systems Process Management

5.2.12 Adobe Systems Content Services

5.2.13 Adobe Systems Knowledge Worker and Enterprise Related Products

5.3 ActionBase

5.4 AgilePoint

5.5 Axway

5.5.1 Axway Worldwide

5.6 BancTec

5.6.1 BancTec Partner Focus

5.7 BizAgi

5.8 BMC

5.8.1 Business runs on IT. IT runs on BMC Software

5.8.2 BMC Revenue

5.8.3 BMC Industry Partnerships

5.8.4 BMC Partnering With

5.8.5 BMC Customer Profile

5.8.6 BMC Software Revenue

5.8.7 BMC Strategy

5.8.8 BMC Atrium

5.8.9 BMC Compliance Positioning

5.8.10 BMC Solutions and Products

5.8.11 BMC Service Assurance

5.8.12 BMC Service Automation

5.8.13 BMC Software (NASDAQ:BMC)

5.8.14 BMC Strategy

5.8.15 BMC BSM Platform

5.8.16 BMC Solutions Software Business Segments

5.8.17 BMC Software Acquires MQSoftware

5.8.18 BMC Software Partners

5.8.19 BMC Strategic Alliances

5.8.20 BMC Technology Alliance Partners

5.8.21 BMC Cloud Computing

5.8.22 BMC Teamed With Amazon Web Services

5.8.23 BMC Partnership

5.8.24 Cisco, BMC Forge Cloud Infrastructure Partnership

5.8.25 BMC Software Fiscal 2011 Third Quarter Revenue

5.8.26 BMC Software Revenue:

5.8.27 BMC Cloud Positioning

5.9 CA / 3Tera

5.9.1 CA Acquires 3Tera Cloud Computing Solution Provider

5.9.2 CA Rapid, Simplified Cloud Enablement

5.9.3 CA Integration with Virtual and Physical Management Technologies

5.9.4 CA Revenue

5.9.5 CA (CA: New York Stock Exchange)

5.9.6 CA Fiscal 2010 Business Developments and Highlights

5.9.7 CA Acquisitions

5.9.8 CA Business Strategy

5.9.9 CA Mainframe Products

5.9.10 CA Secure

5.9.11 CA Enables the Adoption of New Technologies

5.9.12 CA Cloud Computing

5.9.13 CA SaaS Offerings Appeal To Emerging Enterprises

5.9.14 CA Strategic Positioning For Growth

5.9.15 Analysis Of CA Strategy

5.9.16 CA Revenue


5.9.18 CA Performance Indicators

5.9.19 CA Subscription and Maintenance Revenue

5.10 Cap Gemini Inc.

5.10.1 Cap Gemini Collaboration in Action

5.10.2 Optimizing Capabilities

5.10.3 Cap Gemini Aligning the Organization

5.10.4 Capgemini Group Revenues

5.11 Cordys

5.11.1 Cordys Middle-Out Design Paradigm

5.11.2 Cordys Innovative, solid BPMS

5.12 Deloitte Touche

5.12.1 Deloitte Enterprise Architecture Tools Approach

5.12.2 Deloitte Business process management

5.12.3 Deloitte Approach

5.12.4 Deloitte Information Management

5.12.5 Deloitte Approach to Information Flow Process Optimization

5.12.6 Deloitte’s Approach To IT strategy

5.12.7 Deloitte Outsourcing Advisory Services

5.12.8 Deloitte Experts From Outsourcing Advisory Services

5.12.9 Deloitte System Integration

5.12.10 Deloitte Web Strategy

5.13 EMC

5.13.1 EMC Velocity² Atmos Partner Program

5.13.2 EMC / VMware

5.13.3 EMC Virtual Storage

5.13.4 EMC Supports Information Technology (IT)

5.13.5 EMC Revenue

5.13.6 RSA Information Security

5.13.7 EMC Consolidated Revenues By Geography:

5.13.8 Information Storage Segment

5.13.9 EMC Symmetrix Systems

5.13.10 EMC CLARiiON Systems

5.13.11 EMC Celerra IP Storage Systems

5.13.12 EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage Systems

5.13.13 EMC Connectrix Directors and Switches

5.13.14 EMC Consumer and Small Business Products Division

5.13.15 EMC /Decho Corporation

5.13.16 EMC Content Management and Archiving Segment

5.13.17 EMC RSA Information Security Segment

5.13.18 EMC Global Services

5.13.19 EMC VMware Virtual Infrastructure Segment

5.13.20 EMC (NYSE: EMC)

5.13.21 EMC (NYSE: EMC) / VMware (VMW)

5.13.22 EMC Information Infrastructure Products and Offerings

5.13.23 EMC Information Storage Segment

5.13.24 EMC Acquisitions

5.13.25 EMC Big Data

5.13.26 EMC Global Services

5.13.27 EMC RSA Information Security Segment

5.13.28 EMC Information Intelligence Group Segment

5.13.29 VMware Virtual and Cloud Infrastructure Products

5.13.30 EMC Strategic Positioning

5.13.31 EMC Technology Alliances

5.13.32 Cisco and EMC

5.13.33 EMC VMware Partnership

5.13.34 EMC Competition

5.13.35 EMC Sustainability

5.13.36 EMC Five Year Revenue

5.13.37 EMC Consolidated Revenues By Geography:

5.13.38 EMC Corporation

5.13.39 EMC Distribution Channels

5.13.40 EMC Technology Alliances

5.14 Fabasoft

5.15 FinalWire

5.15.1 FinalWire AIDA64 Pricing and Availability

5.16 Fiorano

5.16.1 Fiorano Customers

5.16.2 Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

5.17 Fujitsu

5.17.1 Fujitsu OSS/NOS

5.17.2 Fujitsu SOA

5.17.3 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Governance

5.18 Global 360

5.18.1 Global 360 Persona-Based BPM -

5.19 HandySoft

5.20 Hewlett Packard (HP)

5.20.1 HP Cloud Assure Services

5.20.2 HP Cloud Assure Types Of Cloud Service Environments Supported

5.20.3 Hewlett-Packard Revenue

5.20.4 HP Enterprise Storage and Servers Revenue

5.20.5 HP Software Revenue

5.20.6 Hewlett Packard (HP) Focuses On Simplifying Technology

5.20.7 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA

5.20.8 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA Solutions

5.20.9 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA Systinet Governance

5.20.10 HP Products and Services Segments

5.20.11 Hewlett-Packard Technology Solutions Group

5.20.12 Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Storage and Servers

5.20.13 Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Servers

5.20.14 Hewlett-Packard Business Critical Systems Hewlett Packard Halo Telepresence Customers

5.20.15 Hewlett Packard Computer Industry Market Participant

5.20.16 Hewlett Packard Global Provider Of Products

5.20.17 HP Products and Services: Segment Information

5.20.18 Hewlett Packard Technology Solutions Group

5.20.19 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage and Servers

5.20.20 HP and Tower Software

5.20.21 Hewlett Packard Tower Software TRIM Context

5.21 IBM

5.21.1 IBM WebSphere

5.21.2 IBM Business Partnering Strategy

5.21.3 IBM Strategic Priorities

5.21.4 IBM BPM Powered By Smart SOA

5.21.5 IBM Delivers Integration and Innovation to Clients

5.21.6 IBM Business Model

5.21.7 IBM Unified Communications In The Cloud Architecture

5.21.8 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Portfolio Of Social Networking And 5 Collaboration Services

5.21.9 IBM Revenue

5.21.10 IBM Software Capabilities

5.21.11 IBM Systems and Technology Capabilities

5.21.12 IBM Worldwide Organizations

5.21.13 IBM Integrated Supply Chain

5.21.14 IBM Security

5.21.15 IBM Cloud Computing

5.21.16 IBM Business Model

5.21.17 IBM Business Segments And Capabilities

5.21.18 IBM GTS Strategic Outsourcing Services Capabilities

5.21.19 IBM Global Process Services.

5.21.20 IBM Integrated Technology Services.

5.21.21 IBM GTS Services Delivery

5.21.22 IBM Application Management Service

5.21.23 IBM Software Capabilities

5.21.24 IBM Systems and Technology

5.21.25 IBM Global Financing

5.21.26 IBM Premier Globally Integrated Enterprise

5.21.27 IBM Integrated Supply Chain

5.21.28 IBM Software Competition

5.21.29 IBM 2010 Revenue

5.21.30 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Social Networking And Collaboration 5

5.22 Information Builders

5.22.1 Information Builders / iWay Software

5.22.2 iWay Software

5.23 Intalio

5.24 inubit

5.25 Microsoft Dynamics GP

5.25.1 Microsoft Dynamics GP

5.25.2 Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Accounting And Business Management Solution

5.25.3 Microsoft Corporation

5.25.4 Microsoft Azure Services Platform

5.25.5 Microsoft Windows Azure

5.25.6 Microsoft Live Services

5.25.7 Microsoft SQL Services

5.25.8 Microsoft .NET Services

5.25.9 Microsoft® SharePoint® Services & Dynamics® CRM Services5-229

5.25.10 Microsoft Revenue

5.25.11 Microsoft Second-Quarter Revenue For The Quarter Ended Dec. 31, 2010

5.25.12 Microsoft Segment Revenue

5.25.13 Microsoft Competition

5.25.14 Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities

5.25.15 Microsoft Client Segment

5.25.16 Microsoft Segments

5.25.17 Open Text Livelink ECM Integration Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

5.25.18 Microsoft Multinational Computer Technology

5.25.19 Selected Microsoft Partners

5.25.20 Microsoft Financials 2008

5.25.21 Microsoft Software Products

5.26 Newgen

5.26.1 Newgen Software Automates Key Processes

5.27 OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC)

5.27.1 Open Text Revenue

5.27.2 OpenText Strategic Fit with Microsoft

5.27.3 Open Text ECM Suite

5.27.4 Metastorm Enterprise

5.27.5 Metastorm Revenues

5.27.6 Open Text Support program

5.27.7 Open Text and Microsoft Corporation

5.27.8 Open Text and Oracle Corporation

5.27.9 Open Text and Global Systems Integrators

5.28 Oracle

5.28.1 Oracle Revenues:

5.28.2 Oracle Acquisitions / Sun, BEA, AmberPoint

5.28.3 Oracle Fiscal 2011 Acquisitions Including Art Technology Group, Inc. (ATG)

5.28.4 Oracle Fiscal 2010 Acquisitions

5.28.5 Oracle Software Business

5.28.6 Oracle SOA

5.28.7 Oracle / Amberpoint

5.28.8 Oracle SOA Suite

5.28.9 Oracle JDeveloper -

5.28.10 Oracle / Stellent

5.29 Pegasystems

5.29.1 Pegasystems Customers

5.30 Pallas Athena

5.31 PNMsoft

5.32 Polymita

5.33 Progress Software

5.33.1 Progress Software Products

5.33.2 Progress® Orbix®

5.33.3 Progress® ObjectStore®

5.33.4 Enterprise Business Solutions business unit: Progress® Responsiveness Process Management

5.33.5 Progress Control Tower™

5.33.6 Progress® Sonic®

5.33.7 Progress® Actional®

5.33.8 Progress® Apama®

5.33.9 Progress® Savvion®

5.33.10 Progress Software Fuse®

5.33.11 Enterprise Data Solutions business unit: Progress® DataDirect Connect®

5.33.12 Progress® DataDirect® Shadow®

5.33.13 Progress® Data Services

5.33.14 Progress Software Segments

5.33.15 Progress Software 2011 Fiscal First Quarter Revenue

5.33.16 Progress Software Revenue:

5.33.17 Progress Software Customers

5.33.18 Progress Software Positioning

5.33.19 Progress Software Regional Market Participation

5.33.20 Progress Software / Savvion Acquisition

5.34 RedHat

5.34.1 Red Hat (Nyse: RHT)

5.34.2 Red Hat Customers

5.34.3 Red Hat Key Partners:

5.34.4 Red Hat Industries Targeted

5.34.5 Red Hat Revenue:

5.35 SAP Frankfurt Stock Exchange (NYSE:SAP)

5.35.1 SAP Strategy For Growth

5.35.2 SAP Strategy

5.35.3 SAP Service-Oriented Architecture SOA

5.35.4 SAP Netweaver

5.35.5 SAP Industries Served

5.35.6 SAP Revenue

5.35.7 SAP Major Customer Wins

5.36 Savvis

5.36.1 Savvis Cloud Services

5.36.2 Savvis Managed Security Services

5.36.3 Savvis Dedicated Hosting

5.36.4 Savvis Strategy

5.36.5 Savvis Revenue

5.37 Singularity

5.37.1 Singularity TotalAgility

5.38 Software AG

5.38.1 Software AG Revenues

5.38.2 Software AG Key Revenue Figures

5.38.3 Software AG Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS)

5.38.4 Software AG Enterprise Transaction Systems (ETS)

5.38.5 Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) Business Process Excellence

5.38.6 Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) IDS Scheer Consulting

5.38.7 Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) Industry

5.38.8 Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) Products

5.38.9 Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) Services

5.38.10 Software AG Customers

5.39 Tibco

5.39.1 Tibco SOA

5.39.2 Tibco Business Optimization

5.39.3 Tibco BPM

5.39.4 Tibco Professional Services

5.39.5 Tibco Competition

5.39.6 Tibco Professional Services

5.39.7 Tibco Software Revenue

5.40 Whitestein Technologies

5.41 Workday

5.41.1 Workday Customers

5.41.2 Workday Customers

List of Tables

Table ES-1

Business Process Management Market Driving Forces

Figure ES-2

Comparative Value of Innovation

Figure ES-3

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares

Figure ES-4

Business Process Management (BPM) Markets Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017

Figure ES-5

IBM BPM Industry Packs

Figure ES-6

PegaSystems BPM Permits Management Of The

Complete Lifecycle Of Work Tasks

Figure ES-7

Fujitsu Interstage Automated Process Discovery

Table 1-1

Business Process Management Functions

Defines How An Enterprise Operates

Table 1-2

BPM Platform Automation Of Process Functions

Table 1-3

Basic Workflow Products Overlap With BPM systems

Table 1-4

SOA / B2Bi Systems Functions

Table 1-5

Business Process Manager Functions

Table 1-6

Harnessing Collective Intelligence

Table 1-7

Web 2.0 Next Generation Applications Providers

Table 1-8

Web 2.0 Web Space Characteristics

Table 1-9

Web 2.0 Next Generation Applications

Table 1-10

Web 2.0 Next Generation Functions

Table 2-1

Business Process Management Market Driving Forces

Figure 2-2

Comparative Value of Innovation

Figure 2-3

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares

Figure 2-4

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares,

Dollars, Worldwide, 2010

Table 2-5

Selected List of Business Process Management (BPM)


Table 2-6

IBM BPM Product Components

Table 2-7

IBM Smarter Planet Initiative Industry Solutions

Figure 2-8

IBM Smarter Industry Solutions

Table 2-1

Business Process Management Market Driving Forces

Figure 2-2

Comparative Value of Innovation

Figure 2-3

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares

Figure 2-4

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Shares,

Dollars, Worldwide, 2010

Table 2-5

Selected List of Business Process Management (BPM)


Table 2-6

IBM BPM Product Components

Table 2-7

IBM Smarter Planet Initiative Industry Solutions

Figure 2-8

IBM Smarter Industry Solutions

Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017

Table 2-11

Business Process Management (BPM) Markets Dollars,

Worldwide, 2011-2017

Figure 2-12

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Forecasts,

Units, Worldwide, 2011-2017

Table 2-13

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Industry

Segments, Dollars and Unit Ports, Worldwide, 2011-2017

Table 2-14

Business Process Management (BPM) Market Industry

Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011-2017

Table 2-15

Business Process Management (BPM) Market

Systems Functions

Table 2-16

BPM Adoption Benefits

Figure 2-17

IBM Business Process Manager Functions

Table 2-18

BPM Market Forces

Table 2-19

BPM Market Challenges

Table 2-20

SOA / BPM Functions

TABLE 2-21

SOA / BPM Features

Table 2-22

BPM And SOA Process

Figure 2-23

Number of Instrumented Connections Needing Software

Figure 2-24

Business Process Management (BPM) Regional Market

Segments, Dollars, 2010

Table 3-1

IBM Business Process Manager Functions

Figure 3-2

IBM Business Process Manager Functions

Table 3-3

IBM Business Monitor Functions

Table 3-4

WebSphere Business Events Functions

Table 3-5

IBM Integration Designer Functional Overview

Table 3-6

IBM WebSphere Lombardi ILOG JRules BRMS Table 3-7

IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules Functions

Table 3-8

IBM WebSphere Decision Server Functions

Table 3-9

IBM BPM Case Manager Overview Functions

Table 3-10

IBM BPM Product Components

Table 3-11

IBM Smarter Planet Initiative Industry Solutions

Figure 3-12

IBM Smarter Industry Solutions

Table 3-13

IBM BPM Industry Packs Functions

Figure 3-14

IBM BPM Industry Packs

Figure 3-15

IBM Smarter Planet Initiative

Figure 3-16

IBM Industry Frameworks

Table 3-17

IBM BPM Framework Partner Positioning

Table 3-18

IBM BPM Framework Process and Services Positioning

Figure 3-19

IBM Types Of Business Process As Described By Blue Works

Table 3-20

Tibco BPM Components

Figure 3-21

Tibco BPM Deployment Scenarios

Figure 3-22

Tibco BPM Product Categories

Table 3-23

TIBCO Business Studio Key Features

Table 3-24

Tibco Process Management Components

Table 3-25

Tibco Process Management - Key Features

Figure 3-26

Tibco Formvine Workflow

Figure 3-27

Tibco Active Matrix SOA Product Suite

Figure 3-28

Tibco ActiveMatrix Monitor Infrastructure for SOA

Table 3-29

Tibco SOA Suite Key Features Integration,

Orchestration and Service Creation Environment

Table 3-30

Tibco SOA Suite Key Features of Integrated Services Environment

Table 3-31

Tibco SOA Suite Key Features Enabler of

Standards-Based Heterogeneous SOA

Table 3-32

Progress Software Savvion BusinessManager Major Tools

Table 3-33

Progress Software Savvion BusinessManager

Rules, Asset Manager, and Process Modeler Tools

Table 3-34

Progress Software Savvion Process Engine

Table 3-35

Progress Software Savvion Rules Engine

Table 3-36

Progress Software Savvion Process Engine

Table 3-37

Progress Software Savvion Business Process Workflow

Table 3-38

Progress Software Savvion Business

Process Engine Open Architecture

Table 3-39

Progress Software Savvion BRMS Features

Table 3-40

Progress Software Process Asset Management Server Features

Table 3-41

Progress Software Sonic Workbench Functions:

Table 3-42

Oracle BPM Suite Products

Table 3-43

Components of Oracle BPM Suite

Figure 3-44

Oracle Business Process Management Suite Functions

Figure 3-45

Oracle Business Process Lifecycle Analysis

Source: Oracle.

Table 3-46

Components of Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite

Table 3-47

SAP CRM SOA Positioning:

Table 3-48

SAP SOA Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Table 3-49

Savvis Symphony Full Data Center Provisioning

Table 3-50

BMC BPM Express for NetApp Filers Key Features

Table 3-51

BMC BPM Express for NetApp Filers Key Benefits

Table 3-52

OpenText Metastorm Enterprise Integrated

Product Suite Functions

Table 3-53

OpenText Metastorm ProVision®Comprehensive EA Capability

Figure 3-54

OpenText Metastorm Right Architecture

Table 3-55

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Business Modeling

Table 3-56

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Business Modeling Images

Figure 3-57

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Comparative

Value of Innovation

Table 3-58

OpenText Metastorm ProVision®Built In

Methodologies & Reference Models

Figure 3-59

OpenText Metastorm ProVision®Taxonomy &

Framework Accelerators

Figure 3-60

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Broad

Collaboration Capability

Figure 3-61

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Advanced

Reporting & Planning Tools

Figure 3-62

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Integrated BPA & BPM

Figure 3-63

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Modeling

Figure 3-64

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Symbols

Figure 3-65

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Built-In

Methodologies & Reference Models

Table 3-66

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Support For

Process-Related Methodologies And Standards

Figure 3-67

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Process Framework

Figure 3-68

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Process Data Discovery

Figure 3-69

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Process Six Sigma Support

Table 3-70

OpenText Metastorm BPA Tool Systems Integration Functions

Table 3-71

OpenText Metastorm BPA tool Systems Integration Formats

Table 3-72

OpenText Metastorm Highly Advanced Process Design

Environment Components Key Functions

Table 3-73

OpenText Metastorm Highly Advanced Process Design

Environment Components

Table 3-74

OpenText Metastorm Highly Advanced Process Navigation

Figure 3-75

OpenText Metastorm Integration To Diverse Systems

Figure 3-76

OpenText Metastorm Systems to Handle Human Processes

Figure 3-77

Advanced Process Intelligence

Figure 3-78

OpenText Metastorm ProVision® Process

Framework Key Capabilities

Figure 3-79

OpenText Metastorm Manage File Transfer & Data Integration

Figure 3-80

OpenText Metastorm Real-Time Integration

Figure 3-81

OpenText Metastorm Controlled Exception Management

Table 3-82

FioranoMQ Features

Figure 3-83

Fiorano Studio Composing Event-Driven Business Processes

Figure 3-84

Fiorano Studio Event Interception in live business processes

Figure 3-85

Microsoft's People-Ready Process vision Table 3-86

Benefits of Microsoft Business Process Models

Table 3-87

Microsoft Business Process Benefits Of Automating

And Integrating Across Systems

Figure 3-88

Microsoft Business Process Modeling

Table 3-89

Hewlett Packard HP Cloud Service Automation

Software Features:

Table 3-90

Hewlett Packard HP Suite of Cloud Products And

Services Positioning

Table 3-91

Hewlett Packard HP Cloud Benefits

Table 3-92

Hew;ett Packard HP BladeSystem Matrix

Backbone For Private Cloud Key Capabilities

Table 3-93

Table 3-94

Hew;ett Packard HP Backbone For Private Cloud Key Functions

Table 3-95

HP Agile Enterprise SOA Functions

Table 3-96

HP SOA Key Functions:

Table 3-97

Software AG BPM Capabilities

Table 3-98

Software AG Real-Time Analysis Functions

Table 3-99

Software AG webMethods Composite Application

Framework CAF Capabilities

Table 3-100

Fujitsu Interstage BPM Key Features

Table 3-101

Fujitsu Interstage BPM Key Functions

Figure 3-102

Fujitsu Interstage Automated Process Discovery

Figure 3-103

PegaSystems BPM Permits Management Of The

Complete Lifecycle Of Work Tasks

Table 3-104

Pegasystem’s Business Modeling Features

Table 3-105

Pegasystem Optimization and Reuse Features

Figure 3-106

Pegasystem Cloud BPM

Table 3-107

Adobe's LiveCycle Collaboration Key Capabilities

Table 3-108

Adobe ECM System Key Capabilities

Table 3-109

Adobe LiveCycle® Content System Key Capabilities

Table 3-110

Adobe LiveCycle® Data Key Capabilities

Table 3-111

Adobe LiveCycle® Digital Signatures System Key capabilities

Table 3-112

Adobe LiveCycle® Forms System Key Capabilities

Table 3-113

Adobe LiveCycle® Mosaic System Key capabilities

Table 3-114

Adobe LiveCycle® Output System Key Capabilities

Table 3-115

Adobe LiveCycle® PDF Generator System Key Capabilities

Table 3-116

Adobe LiveCycle® Process Management System Key Capabilities

Table 3-117

Adobe LiveCycle® Rights Management System Key Capabilities

Table 3-118

Adobe LiveCycle® Production Print System Key Capabilities

Figure 4-1

IBM Software Uses System z for Smarter Industry Solutions

Figure 4-2

IBM Frameworks Are Implemented with Middleware

Table 4-6

IBM SOA Business Innovation & Optimization Services

Table 4-7

IBM SOA Services Atomic And Composite Architecture

Table 4-8

SOA Foundation Reference Architecture

Table 4-9

IBM SOA Business Rule Support

Table 4-10

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming

Model Extensions

Table 4-11

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Programming

Model Functions

Table 4-12

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Quality of

Service Functions

Table 4-13

Oracle SOA Benefits

Table 4-14

Business Components Chained Together To Comprise A

Business Service

Table 4-15

Integration Services

Table 5-1

AgilePoint Innovation Functions

Figure 5-2

BancTec Worldwide Locations

Table 5-3

BMC Software Business Service Management

Table 5-4

BMC IT Cloud Positioning

Table 5-5

BMC Industry Partnerships

Table 5-6

BMC Customer Profile

Table 5-7

BMC Portfolio Of Software Solutions

Table 5-8

BMC Target Management Solutions and Services Positioning

Table 5-8

BMC Solutions Platforms

Table 5-9

BMC Unified Platform For BSM

Figure 5-10

BMC Strategic Alliances

Table 5-11

BMC Technology Alliance Partner Program Benefits

Table 5-12

Cisco, BMC Alliance Key Aims

Table 5-13

Cisco, BMC Alliance Key Separate Offerings

Table 5-14

BMC Cloud Planning Offerings

Table 5-15

CA Strategic Positioning For Growth

Table 5-16

Analysis Of CA Strategy

Table 5-17

Capgemini Key Elements Of Collaboration

Table 5-18

Deloitte Touche Enterprise Architecture Tools For

Decision Making

Table 5-19

Ways Deloitte Professionals Deliver Added Value

Table 5-20

Deloitte Specialists Information Flow Crucial

Questions Addressed

Table 5-21

Deloitte System Integration Specialists BPM Solutions

Table 5-22

Deloitte Web IT Strategy Working Method Examples

Table 5-23

EMC Storage Systems Environment Types

Table 5-24

FinalWire AIDA64 Features

Table 5-25

Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite Features

Table 5-26

Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Management Information

Table 5-27

HP Cloud Assure Functions

Table 5-28

HP Cloud Assures Types Of Cloud Service Environments


Table 5-29

HP SaaS portfolio partner Positioning:

Table 5-30

Hewlett Packard Product and Services Positioning

Table 5-31

Hewlett Packard Global Positioning

Table 5-32

Hewlett Packard Tower Software Global, Vertical Markets

Table 5-33

Hewlett Packard Tower Software Global, Reducing

Risk During Litigation

Table 5-34

Hewlett Packard Tower Software Microsoft Office® Documents

Table 5-35

Hewlett Packard Tower TRIM Context Features Overview

Figure 5-36

IBM SMB Partner Go to Market Approach

Table 5-37

IBM Strategic Priorities

Table 5-38

iWay Software Integration Provider Solutions

Table 5-39

iWay Products

Table 5-40

iWay Solutions

Table 5-41

iWay Technology

Table 5-42

iWay Adapters for Partners

Table 5-43

iWay Customers

Table 5-44

Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer References

Table 5-45

Functions in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Table 5-46

Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Table 5-47

Microsoft Response to Security Vulnerabilities

Table 5-48

Newgen Solution: Business Benefits

Table 3-49

Oracle SOA Positioning

Table 3-50

Oracle’s Open, Integrated SOA Stack

Table 3-51

Oracle: Amberpoint SOA Advantages

Table 3-52

Oracle SOA Suite Features

Table 3-53

Oracle SOA Product Suite:

Table 5-54

Oracle / Stellent Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Software Solutions

Table 5-55

Polymita Continuous Process Improvement

Methodology Key Benefits

Table 5-56

Progress Software Enterprise SOA Challenges

Table 5-57

Red Hat Customers

Table 5-58

Red Hat Partners

Table 5-59

Red Hat JBoss Operations Network Industries Targeted

Table 5-60

SAP Strategy For Growth

Table 5-61

SAP Services Positioning

Table 5-62


Table 5-63

SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform Areas Supported

Table 5-64

SAP Industry-Specific Best Practices

Table 5-65

Savvis Key Growth Strategies

Table 5-66

Savvis Key Growth Target Markets

Figure 5-67

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) Revenue By Segment

Table 5-68

Tibco Software Standards-Based Software Offerings

Table 5-69

Workday ERP SaaS Solutions

Table 5-70

Workday Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Features

Table 5-71

Workday Complete Suite of Business Management Services

List of Figures


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