Consumer and Innovation Trends in Chewing Gum

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Chewing Gum

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Discerning chewing gum buyers rarely embrace newness just for newness's sake. Instead, chewing gum providers can succeed in the long run by profitably meeting established and nascent consumer needs better than the competition. The key to success is balancing "disruptive" and "continuous" innovation by incorporating the eight consumer mega-trends into all aspects of strategy.

- Each section is introduced with a concise SWOT analysis that outlines how each TrendSights mega-trend can be applied to the chewing gum category.

- Consumer insight analysis covering 20 countries globally highlights the key attitudes and behaviors that drive the choices of gum chewers.

- Draw inspiration from numerous case studies and product examples throughout the brief that showcase best-in-class innovations in global gum NPD.

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- How do Canadean's mega-trends apply specifically to chewing gum? In what way are they actionable?

- Where is innovation occurring in chewing gum and what does it look like?

- What are the major opportunities and threats guiding the future growth prospects of chewing gum globally?

- What is the "size of the prize" when it comes to the chewing gum market opportunity?

Key Highlights
Among the 20 nations included in Canadean's consumer insight research, over half (54%) of the adult population chew gum. So, while chewing gum is a popular pastime for many consumers, the data suggest that considerable opportunity remains to recruit new consumers, bring back lapsed chewers, and encourage loyal customers to chew more frequently.

The two mega-trends exerting the most significant influence on consumer choice - and the direction of chewing gum innovation - are Health andamp; Wellness and Sensory andamp; Indulgence

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