Consumer and Innovation Trends in Household Cleaning Products 2014

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Household Cleaning Products 2014

Category : Consumer Goods
Published On : July  2014
Pages : 99

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Innovation in cleaning products is driven by consumer interest in convenience, ease of use, and health-friendly solutions. This report covers a wide variety of cleaning products, and uses Canadean's TrendSights mega-trend framework to classify key consumer and product trends impacting the category globally.

- Each section contains a concise SWOT analysis that outlines how each TrendSights mega-trend can be applied to the household cleaning category.

- Consumer insight analysis covering 23 countries globally highlights the key attitudes and behaviors driving consumers' choices of cleaning products.

- Case studies and product examples throughout the brief showcase interesting and innovative cleaning products from across the globe.

- Key considerations and potential opportunities have been identified based on consumer preferences and recent product innovations in this category.

Reasons To Buy
- How do Canadean's mega-trends apply specifically to household cleaning products? How is this likely to evolve over the next few years?

- What are some of the key product characteristics influencing consumer purchasing behavior in household cleaning?

- Where is innovation occurring in household cleaning products and what does it look like?

- Going forward, what are some of the potential opportunities and key considerations for cleaning brands?

- How are industry players using the online space to more effectively engage with consumers?

Key Highlights
General dislike of cleaning and consumers' perceived time scarcity mean that convenience heavily influence purchasing decisions on household cleaning products. This is prompting brands to innovate with multifunctional products that simplify consumers' lives, require less storage space, and generally offer consumers better value for money.

74% of consumers globally are concerned about the safety/harshness of chemicals used in their household cleaning products. This has contributed to a stronger interest in "natural" or "naturally derived" ingredients, with three in five consumers agreeing that household cleaning products formulated with natural ingredients are better for them.
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