Consumer and Innovation Trends in Household Plastics and Paper Products 2014

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Household Plastics and Paper Products 2014

Category : Consumer Goods
Published On : August  2014
Pages : 70

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The household paper and plastics category is characterized by habitual purchasing behavior, which poses a key challenge for brands operating in this sector. Few opportunities exist to excite consumers with new, innovative products in this sector and players can significantly benefit from understanding key consumer priorities and needs.

- Consumer insight analysis covering 25 countries globally highlights the key attitudes and behaviors driving consumers' purchases in this category.

- Numerous product examples throughout the brief showcase best-in-class innovations in paper and plastic product innovation from across the globe.

- Key considerations and potential opportunities have been identified based on consumer preferences and recent product innovations in this category.

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- How do Canadean's mega-trends apply specifically to household paper and plastics? How is this likely to evolve over the next few years?

- Where is innovation occurring in household paper and plastic products and what does it look like?

- Going forward, what are some of the potential opportunities and key considerations for manufacturers of household paper and plastic products?

Key Highlights
In 2013, the global household paper market was valued at $63bn, with toilet papers accounting for nearly two thirds (63%) of this. This category is also poised for the strongest growth among other household paper products.

Value-consciousness is a key purchasing driver when shopping for household care products. Growing competition from private labels has compelled many brands to develop new products (or reposition existing ones to compete directly with lower priced offerings) in order to be portray greater sensitivity to consumers' financial situations.
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