Consumer and Innovation Trends in Oils and Fats 2014

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Oils and Fats 2014

Category : Food & Beverages
Published On : March  2014
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Oils and fats are regarded with a certain degree of caution, with most consumers trying to limit their intake. However, the recognized health benefits associated with consuming certain fats and oils has created new opportunities for brands, and enabled the category to move away from its "food villain" status.

- Understand the concerns and priorities driving product choices in oils and fats, with consumer insight analysis that covers 24 countries globally.

- Draw inspiration from case studies and product examples throughout the brief that showcase best-in-class innovations in oils and fats.

- A dedicated future-focused analysis explores what is next for oils and fats, and what this could mean for the wider food sector.

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- Who is driving growth in oils and fats, and how is this likely to change over the next few years?

- How can I apply the TrendSights framework to the oils and fats category? Which sub-trends are most aligned with what is happening in oils and fats?

- What are some of the potential opportunities and strategic considerations that manufacturers of oils and fats need to be aware of?

Key Highlights
Consumers are becoming more attentive to and influenced by the inclusion of certain health-promoting ingredients in food and drink products. Manufacturers are evidently responding to this, with claims of "high vitamins," "high omega-3," and "high omega-6" among the fastest-growing product claims for new launches in the oils and fats category.

"Hybrid" oils and fats are becoming more prevalent in the category. This is being driven by consumers' desire for value for money and versatility, as well as their willingness to experiment in the kitchen and their understanding of how different oils and fats can complement each other in a recipe.

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