Consumer and Innovation Trends in Processed Meat

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Processed Meat

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October  2014  Pages : 63

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This presentation identifies four key sub-trends impacting the European processed meats sector, and discusses how manufacturers can respond to these trends. The presentation draws upon consumer insight from Canadean Consumer's global survey and examples of the latest innovations to illustrate the opportunities for processed meat manufacturers, as well as packaging companies.

- Assess insight covering 10 European markets to discover the key attitudes and behaviors driving consumers' purchases of meat across Europe.

- Identify new opportunities for processed meat manufacturers to capitalize on.

Reasons To Buy
- Where is innovation occurring in processed meats and what does it look like?

- Which consumers are eating processed meats most and least frequently?

- What are the key sub-trends impacting consumer behavior and product innovation in processed meats?

Key Highlights
36% of European consumers eat meat on a daily or near-daily basis. Women are the most likely to be cutting back on their meat consumption.

Trust is an important issue impacting the processed meat sector. Over 20% of consumers distrust claims about the ingredients and manufacturing methods used.
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