Consumer and Innovation Trends in Smoking Alternatives 2014

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Smoking Alternatives 2014

Category : Food & Beverages
Published On : June  2014
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As consumer trends drive innovation and purchase behavior it is increasingly vital to understand how to shape products to best meet them. This brief outlines the most important consumer and product trends impacting the smoking alternatives category globally, using Canadean's TrendSights mega-trend framework as a basis to organize the key themes covered.

- Consumer insight analysis covering 25 countries globally highlights the key attitudes and behaviors driving consumers' purchases.

- Case studies and numerous product examples throughout the brief showcase best-in-class innovations in smoking alternatives from across the globe.

- Key considerations and potential opportunities have been identified based on consumer preferences and recent product innovations in this category.

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- How do Canadean's mega-trends apply specifically to smoking alternatives? How is this likely to evolve over the next few years?

- Where is innovation occurring in smoking alternatives and what does it look like?

- Going forward, what are some of the potential opportunities and key considerations for smoking alternatives manufacturers?

- How are industry players using the online space to more effectively engage with consumers?

Key Highlights
Health continues to be the most important factor driving consumers to stop using tobacco products. However, in terms of innovation, brands are also looking to tap into the value-conscious consumer, who is seeking products that are less harmful as well as being more cost-effective.

The rising popularity of new product formats has led to a shift in the utilitarian nature of smoking alternatives and towards a more experiential space which is being characterized by e-cigarettes. This can be seen in the growing innovation in new flavors and technologies to enhance the sensory appeal offered by these products.

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