Consumer and Innovation Trends in Sugar Confectionery

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Sugar Confectionery

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January  2014  Pages : 233

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Confectionery providers can succeed in the long run by profitably meeting established and nascent consumer needs better than the competition. The key to success is balancing "disruptive" and "continuous" innovation by incorporating the eight consumer mega-trends into all aspects of NPD and marketing strategy. Crucially, this report outlines why and how.

- Actionable consumer and innovation insight providing a fresh take on confectionery consumers' preferences, while pinpointing innovation opportunities

- A unique, structured approach to category analysis offered by the application of Canadean's proprietary TrendSights consumer trends framework.

- Pinpoint over 100 product and marketing "innovation platforms" that can be employed to guide NPD, brand extensions and overall brand (re)positioning.

- Broaden your marketing intelligence horizons with quantitative and qualitative consumer insight analysis covering 24 countries.

- Better inform NPD and marketing decision making with exposure to hundreds of global innovations and case studies profiling "best-in-class" innovation.

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- What are the most significant trends impacting the sugar confectionery category?

- In what way are the trends actionable? How is this reflected by consumer demand and the direction of product innovation?

- How can my company or brand become more responsive to changing consumer preferences and what the future may bring in the sugar confectionery space?

- What are the 'innovation platforms' that should define future product and marketing strategy?

Key Highlights
When it comes to weight management, most global consumers (42%) are preoccupied with weight loss, while a significant share also focus on weight retention (32%). This is significant for the category because sugar intake is strongly associated with weight gain. Appetite suppressing confectionery is an emerging innovation theme aligned to this.

The trends underpinning consumer preferences are what shape future category change. The three mega-trends exerting the most significant influence on consumer choice - and the direction of sugar confectionery innovation - are Sensory andamp; Indulgence, Easy andamp; Affordable and Health andamp; Wellness.

Flavor innovation (e.g. using exotic fruits or spices, or unique sensory combinations) is the biggest trend in sugar confectionery new product development. Underpinning the allure of out-of-the-ordinary flavors, 60% of respondents across 24 countries say that a product with a new and exotic flavor is appealing to them.
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