Consumer and Innovation Trends in Yogurt 2014

Consumer and Innovation Trends in Yogurt 2014

Category : Food & Beverages
Published On : June  2014
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The yogurt category is evolving in line with the complex needs and demands of consumers. Product development is predominantly driven by the pursuit of health, but the desire for a less complicated life and greater awareness about animal welfare issues are also driving innovation. Concurrently, the need for convenience and enduring value-consciousness continue to influence new product offerings.

- Understand the concerns and priorities driving yogurt product choices, with consumer insight analysis that covers 24 countries globally.

- Draw inspiration from case studies and product examples throughout the brief that showcase best-in-class innovations in yogurt.

- A dedicated future-focused analysis explores what is next for yogurt, and what this could mean for the wider food sector.

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- Who is driving growth in yogurt, and how is this likely to change over the next few years?

- How can I apply the TrendSights framework to the yogurt category? Which sub-trends are most aligned with what is happening in yogurt?

- What are some of the potential opportunities and strategic considerations that yogurt brands need to be aware of in order to plan for the future?

Key Highlights
As consumers increasingly turn to snacking for both emotional and rational reasons, opportunities exist for manufacturers to position yogurt drinks as convenient, filling, and healthy snack alternatives. Indeed, 45% of consumers globally find products that come in the format of a drinkable snack appealing.

While yogurt has predictably expanded into desserts and beverages, the category is branching out into bolder categories such as dips, liqueurs, and nutritional supplements in order to challenge consumer perceptions and expand usage opportunities. It is within these categories that significant growth is predicted over the next five years.
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