Culture Club: What Does New Product Innovation Say About the Future of Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Culture Club: What Does New Product Innovation Say About the Future of Prebiotics and Probiotics?

Category : Healthcare
November  2013  Pages : 37

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For some time, prebiotics and probiotics have been at the cutting edge of functional food, beverage, and supplement innovation. However, consumer awareness of probiotics and prebiotics is lacking, and the health benefits are unclear. This presentation looks at the market and maps out where prebiotics and probiotics could be headed in the future.

- See what types of health claim for probiotics have the potential to pass regulatory hurdles.

- Learn about which health benefits consumers most closely associate with prebiotics and probiotics.

- Find out what types of consumers are most likely to be interested in probiotics.

- Review outstanding new product innovations in packaged goods containing prebiotics and probiotics.

- Check out new market opportunities for prebiotics and probiotics for the future.

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- What types of health benefit do consumers associate with prebiotics and probiotics aside from digestion and immune system benefits?

- Where do consumers rank probiotics relative to other key food nutrients like fiber, protein, whole grains, and more?

- Are there gender differences in consumer attitudes and preferences toward probiotics?

- Which product categories account for the most new product innovation for prebiotics and probiotics?

- Probiotics are beginning to show up in a growing number of household cleaning products. What can probiotics do for these cleaners?

Key Highlights
Prebiotics and probiotics have long been on the front lines of the functional food movement, but neither can claim to be novel anymore, and scrutiny over health claims is rising. These issues aside, the future may still be bright as the "culture club" expands into new areas like cardiovascular health, oral health, and even household cleaning.
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