Dairy Market Insights Report Morocco : In-depth Analysis of Key Companies, Brands, Volume, Value and Segmentation Trends and Opportunities in the Dairy Drinks and Food Markets

Dairy Market Insights Report Morocco : In-depth Analysis of Key Companies, Brands, Volume, Value and Segmentation Trends and Opportunities in the Dai

Category : Consumer Goods
May  2014  Pages : 88

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Annual Dairy Market Insights: Morocco report published by Canadean, is an essential tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry developments in the Moroccan dairy market, providing detailed analysis, factors influencing demand and challenges faced by the industry

Key Findings
Overall performance for Dairy categories in the Morocco market indicates moderate growth, with a promising period of growth and investment forecast for all but one category.  Key factors affecting the market in Morocco include:
• Improved consumer purchasing power has helped the dairy market grow by 4% over all, especially thanks to the strong performance of the white milk and spoonable yogurt categories, both achieving in growth with the market
• Investment into infrastructure by the Danone Group subsidiary, Centrale Laitiere, promises to provide a strengthened distribution network, expanding territories into rural areas where unpackaged milk is still primarily consumed
• Ambient dairy drinks have seen an increase in consumption owing to the benefits associated with price as well as life expectancy of the product, in spite of public perceptions surrounding the better, fresher taste associated with chilled products
• Illegal cross-border trade remains a factor in the market due to strict laws surrounding the import of dairy products in order to satisfy the increasing consumer demands

This report offers a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the dairy drinks and food market in Morocco, with data information and market forecasts. The report identifies the key market drivers across all major dairy drinks and food categories. In particular, this reports provides in-depth analysis for the following:
Analysis across the market, being able to split this performance by volume and value across both Brand and Company levels
Forecasted data supported by narrative composed by consultants based within the market, providing relevant context and insight
Several new categories, especially those pertaining to dairy foods, allowing granularity specific to individual categories, such as Butter & Other Dairy Fats, Cheese and Spoonable Yogurt 
Significant activity in the dairy industry is covered, including recent new product introductions (detailing flavor, pack type, pack size, retail price and selected pack shots) and the latest industry news
Identification of new products , detailing owners, operators and branding

Reasons To Buy
• Designed for clients who wish to understand the latest trends in the Moroccan dairy industry and want more detailed data and analysis

• Canadean’s Moroccan Annual Dairy Market Insights report is ideal for benchmarking total market vs retail audit data and is an essential tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry and market developments

• This report will give the user confidence to make the correct business decisions based on a detailed analysis of the beverage market in Morocco

• In the current climate of economic uncertainty and market volatility, companies need to know about more than just data 

• This report provides a complete overview of all commercial dairy consumption trends, the latest market developments and an economic mood indicator

Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary
2.Market Context
3.Market Overview
a.Milk Tree
4.Category Profiles
a.Dairy Drinks Section
3A - White Milk Section
3B - Flavoured Milk Section
3C - Drinking Yogurt Section
3D - Fermented Milk Section
3E - Condensed Milk Section
3F - Evaporated Milk Section
3G - Soymilk Section
3H - Grain, Nut, Rice and Seed Milk Alternative Drinks
b.Dairy Foods Section
4A - Butter and Other Dairy Fats Section
4B - Cheese Section
4C - Cream Section
4D - Spoonable Yogurt Section
4E - Dairy-based Desserts Section
4F - Dairy-based Snacks Section
4G - Other Dairy-based Food
c.Sports Nutrition Drinks Section
5A - Endurance Drinks Section
5B - Muscle Building Drinks Section
5C - Recovery Drinks
5.Company Profiles
6.Data Revisions Summary
b.Definitions Category Distribution Packaging
8.Macroeconomic Data
List Of Tables
List Of Figures
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