Failure Case Study: Philadelphia Milka Chocolate - Failing to account for the diversity of European consumers

Failure Case Study: Philadelphia Milka Chocolate - Failing to account for the diversity of European consumers

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October  2015  Pages : 17

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Philadelphia Milka cream cheese failed to gain traction in Italy, despite success in other European markets, leading to withdrawal of the product from the country three years after the launch. This case study examines the reasons for the brands failure and examines how other products could fare better in the Italian food market.

Key Findings
Philadelphia Milka, a chocolate flavored spreadable cheese, was rolled out in Italy in April 2011 by Mondel?z International, Inc. adopting a co-branding strategy pairing popular brands in its portfolio.

The co-branded marketing strategy between Mondel?zs Philadelphia and Milka brands failed to establish a clear product and positioning among the Italian audience along an underestimation of the importance of European consumers differing preferences and diversity of habit

Failure Case Study: Philadelphia Milka Chocolate is part of Canadeans Successes and Failures research and explores the reasons behind Philadelphia Milkas failure in the Italian market.

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