Five Opportunities for Snacking in 2015

Five Opportunities for Snacking in 2015

Category : Food & Beverages
Published On : January  2015
Pages : 35

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This report outlines the key opportunities for snacking in 2015 using insight from Canadean Consumer's 2014 surveys. It pinpoints untapped potential for driving growth in the snacking sector by identifying new consumption occasions and consumer segments to target.

- Offers unique insight into regional variations in consumers' snacking patterns.

- Includes insight based on results from Canadean Consumer's latest Q4 survey.

- Contains key innovation examples across food and drink.

- Identifies opportunities to target new consumption occasions and avenues for growth in mature snacking categories such as cheese.

- Offers a "deep dive" into snacks for active consumers, the "fourth meal," and other topical issues in the snacking category.

Reasons To Buy
- Which foods are consumers most likely to snack on?

- What are the snack preferences of breakfast-skippers?

- What opportunities do millennials' snacking habits present to my category?

- What are the innovation implications of post-dinner snacking for my sector?

Key Highlights
US consumers are nearly half as likely to eat yogurt post-dinner as British consumers, highlighting opportunities to develop more dessert-flavored yogurts to target the after-dinner occasion.

52% of active consumers eat yogurt at least a few times a week. In contrast, only 40% of non-active consumers claim to do so.
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