ForeSights: Adult Baby Food

ForeSights: Adult Baby Food

Category : Consumer Goods
May  2013  Pages : 9

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Food pouches are squeezable packs of ready-to-eat liquidized ingredients, which have gained significant popularity in recent years in the baby and toddler market as a more convenient format than traditional jar food. As consumers increasingly seek convenient food formats, there is significant potential for the baby food pouch to cross into the adult market.

- Consider emerging opportunities and threats in the consumer packaged goods market and gain insight into potential future consumer behavior.

- Identify interesting new and emerging concepts, products, and ideas on offer in retail, foodservice, online spaces, and beyond.

- Understand how new concepts and ideas fit in to - or challenge - current consumer trends.

- Gain insight and inspiration for innovation programs and new product development.

Reasons To Buy
- What opportunities does adult baby food present for the CPG industry?

- What challenges does the application of adult baby food pose to CPG manufacturers?

- What does adult baby food tell me about potential developments in consumer behavior?

Key Highlights
The pouch format is highly convenient, making it ideal for on-the-go and sports consumers who require a fast, mess-free, and portable snack.

Social acceptance is a barrier that needs to be overcome for the pouch food trend to take off in the adult market.
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