ForeSights: Coffee Cherry Flour

ForeSights: Coffee Cherry Flour

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The coffee cherry is a red berry-like fruit that grows on the coffee plant. It contains the coffee bean, which is used to make coffee and is typically discarded after the bean is extracted. However, the coffee cherry can be ground to make alternative flour for use in bread and bakery products. CF Global Holdings has developed such a flour under the brand name Coffee Flour.

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Reasons To Buy
- What is coffee cherry flour?

- What opportunities does coffee cherry flour as an ingredient present for the bakery and bread industry?

- What limitations does coffee cherry flour as an ingredient pose to food manufacturers?

- What does the concept of coffee cherry flour tell me about potential developments in consumer behavior?

Key Highlights
Besides its ethical credentials, coffee cherry flour also caters to various health concerns, and offers a solution for developing bakery products with a healthier halo. For example, Coffee Flour claims to be high in protein and iron and thus appeals to the 46% of consumers who find products that are naturally high in nutrients to be appealing.

While it is nutrient-dense and a sustainably produced food ingredient, manufacturers will need to dispel the likely consumer confusion between coffee cherry flour and coffee, both in terms of flavor and caffeine content.
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