ForeSights: Mobile Games as a Marketing Tool

ForeSights: Mobile Games as a Marketing Tool

Category : Consumer Goods
January  2013  Pages : 9

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This ForeSights report was compiled according to Canadean's ForeSights methodology, which aims to identify new concepts that could influence consumer trends or have a future commercial application in consumer packaged goods.

- Consider emerging opportunities and threats in the consumer packaged goods market and gain insight into potential future consumer behavior.

- Identify interesting new and emerging concepts, products, and ideas on offer in retail, foodservice, online spaces, and beyond.

- Understand how new concepts and ideas fit into - or challenge - current consumer trends.

- Gain insight and inspiration for innovation programs and new product development.

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- How are mobile games grabbing the attention of consumers that have eluded traditional media channels like newspapers, television, magazines, and more?

- Why are mobile games surging toward critical mass?

- Mobile games can be a family affair. How are some games reaching out to the whole family?

- Foods and snacks are a natural for mobile gaming, but does this platform work for other types of consumer packaged goods?

- The "gamification of life" is a major shift in consumer behavior. What could this mean for the future?

Key Highlights
Up to 80% of all downloads to smartphones and computer tablets are game applications. Gaming is now the "killer app" for mobile computing devices. Find out how mobile games are emerging as a potent new marketing platform for consumer packaged goods brands, one that not only appeals to young children, but also reaches out to older consumers.

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