Global Atherectomy Devices Market 2014-2018

Global Atherectomy Devices Market 2014-2018

Category : Medical Devices
Published On : November  2013
Pages : 51

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TechNavio forecasts The Global Atherectomy Devices market 2014-2018 with a CAGR of 11.37 percent for the period 2013–2018. Several driving factors and trends will contribute to this growth—all of which will be outlined with detail in this report.  

TechNavio’s analysts use a unique methodology to scrutinize individual vendor performance, trends, drivers and challenges, and a number of other factors to provide the most accurate and detailed market research reports possible. 

A more specific breakdown of this report’s contents is below.

Overview of market share and landscape for the following key geographies:

• Americas

Overview and impact analysis of:

• 4 Market Drivers
• 3 Market Challenges
• 4 Market Trends

Market Shares and SWOT Analysis for these vendors: 
• Covidien plc
• Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
• Spectranetics Corp.
• Bayer AG
Five Force Model Impact Analysis of:

• Suppliers
• Buyers
• Substitutes
• New entrants 
• Market competition 

Note: All of the segments above are supplemented with a combination of statistical data, graphical analysis, and verbal explanation. 

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01. Executive Summary

02. List of Abbreviations

03. Scope of the Report

03.1 Market Overview

03.2 Product Offerings

04. Market Research Methodology

04.1 Market Research Process

04.2 Research Methodology

05. Introduction

06. Market Landscape

06.1 Market Overview

06.2 Market Size and Forecast

06.3 Five Forces Analysis

07. Market Segmentation by Product

07.1 Global Atherectomy Devices Market by Product

07.1.1 Directional Atherectomy Devices

07.1.2 Rotational Atherectomy Devices

07.1.3 Orbital Atherectomy Devices

07.1.4 Laser Atherectomy Devices

08. Geographical Segmentation

08.1 Global Atherectomy Devices Market by Geographical Segmentation

09. Buying Criteria

10. Market Growth Drivers

11. Drivers and their Impact

12. Market Challenges

13. Impact of Drivers and Challenges

14. Market Trends

15. Trends and their Impact

16. Vendor Landscape

16.1 Competitive Scenario

16.1.1 Key News

16.1.2 Mergers and Acquisitions

16.2 Market Share Analysis 2013

16.3 Other Prominent Vendors

17. Key Vendor Analysis

17.1 Covidien Plc

17.1.1 Business Overview

17.1.2 Business Segmentation

17.1.3 Key Information

17.1.4 SWOT Analysis

17.2 Spectranetics Corp.

17.2.1 Business Overview

17.2.2 Business Segmentation

17.2.3 Key Information

17.2.4 SWOT Analysis

17.3 Bayer AG

17.3.1 Business Overview

17.3.2 Business Segmentation

17.3.3 Key Information

17.3.4 SWOT Analysis

17.4 Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

17.4.1 Business Overview

17.4.2 Key Information

17.4.3 SWOT Analysis

18. Other Reports in this Series

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Market Research Methodology

Exhibit 2: Global Atherectomy Devices Market Segmentation by Product

Exhibit 3: Global Atherectomy Devices Market 2014-2018 (US$ billion)

Exhibit 4: Global Atherectomy Devices Market Segmentation by Product

Exhibit 5: Global Atherectomy Devices Market by Geographical Segmentation 2013

Exhibit 6: Business Segmentation of Covidien Plc

Exhibit 7: Business Segmentation of Spectranetics Corp.

Exhibit 8: Business Segmentation of Bayer AG



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