Global Ultracapacitor Market 2015-2019

Global Ultracapacitor Market 2015-2019

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Published On : November  2015
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 Global market outlook for ultracapacitors

Technavios market research analysts predict the global ultracapacitor market to reach a CAGR of over 20% during the period 2015 to 2019. Power utility segment mainly drives the growth of this market.

It is supported by the growing demand for ultracapacitors across many customer segments such as consumer electronics, power utilities, and transportation. Ultracapacitor vendors cater to industries that require heavy power supplies and help reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

What are ultracapacitors and how it is useful

The ultracapacitor is an energy storing device. It is electro-chemical in nature and has a relatively high energy density as compared to other capacitors or batteries. This device exhibits a higher power capacity, improved lifecycle, and faster charging capability. An ultracapacitor is also known as electrical double-layer capacitor (EDLC). It does not possess a conventional dielectric, and instead carries two plates separated by an electrolyte.

Ultracapacitors offer significant advantages over regular batteries. As a result, segments that look for instant, reliable, and constant power supply are using this technology. The traditional lead-acid batteries lack capabilities need for rapid and deep-cycle power demands.

Market segmentation of global ultracapacitors market by applications

Consumer electronics
	Transportation segment
	Industrial manufacturing
	Energy sector
	Other sectors
The use of regenerative braking systems is expected to propel the adoption of ultracapacitors in automobiles during the forecast period. Ultracapacitors are set to play a key role in future vehicles, to absorb kinetic energy from the vehicle while using it for propulsion later. The demand for ultracapacitors is expected to increase further as more prominent automobile companies start adopting this technology.

Key vendor analysis of the leading vendors of the global ultra-capacitor market

Maxwell Technologies
	NEC Tokin
	Nippon Chemi-Con
	Skeleton Technologies
Other key vendors include YUNASKO, Elna, CAP-XX, Ioxus Inc, Supreme Power Solutions, Nichicon, VINATech, APowerCap, Axion Power, BatScap, Cellergy Ltd, EEStor, Enable IPC, EPCOS, LS Mtron, Evans Capacitor, and Tecate.

The global ultracapacitor market is moderately fragmented with a handful of vendors in the market. The market is still in its infancy. The adoption of this technology is largely restricted to developed regions such as Western Europe and North America and the developed regions of Asia such as Japan, South Korea, and China. Vendors have started offering devices based on non-toxic electrolytes, which make these devices non-flammable. Some other vendors are also using organic electrolytes and solid electrolytes to make them resistant to heat and fire.

Key questions answered in the report

What are the key factors driving the global ultracapacitors
	What are the key market trends impacting the growth of the global ultracapacitors market
	What are the various opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the global structural electronics market
	Key outcome of the five forces analysis on the global ultracapacitors market
	Growth forecast of the global ultracapacitors market until 2019
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Table of Contents

PART 01: Executive summary

PART 02: Scope of the report

Market overview
Top vendor offerings
PART 03: Market research methodology

Research methodology
Economic indicators
PART 04: Introduction

Key market highlights
Technology perspective
Market perspective
PART 05: Market landscape

Industry overview
Types of ultracapacitors
Market size and forecast
Five forces analysis
PART 06: Market segmentation by application

Global ultracapacitor market by application
Global ultracapacitor market by consumer electronics
Global ultracapacitor market by transportation
Global ultracapacitor market by industrial manufacturing
Global ultracapacitor market by energy
Global ultracapacitor market by others
PART 07: Geographical segmentation

Global ultracapacitor market by geography 2014-2019
PART 08: Market drivers

PART 09:Impact of drivers

PART 10: Market challenges

PART 11: Impact of drivers and challenges

PART 12: Market trends

PART 13: Vendor landscape

Competitive scenario
Other prominent vendors
PART 14: Key vendor analysis

Maxwell Technologies
NEC Tokin
Nippon Chemi-Con
Skeleton Technologies
PART 15: Appendix

List of abbreviations
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