Marketing Healthy Bakery: What Does the Consumer Really Want?

Marketing Healthy Bakery: What Does the Consumer Really Want?

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March  2014  Pages : 25

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How do you convince a consumer to buy a fat-free, gluten-free donut when a full-fat, extra-chocolate donut is on display as well? This presentation looks at the state of the healthy bakery industry, and offers ideas and secrets to win back consumers defecting to foods perceived to be more healthful than bakery products.

- Understand why the bakery industry is playing catch-up on the health front.

- See how consumers are focusing more on specific nutrients to boost healthful eating.

- Observe how fatigue over health claims is changing consumer preferences and behavior.

- Find out what factors are driving changes in trust levels for health claims.

- Learn about how baked goods are using ingredients to push health, and not specific claims.

Reasons To Buy
- What types of specific nutrient are consumers gravitating toward?

- How is consumer trust of packaged goods health claims changing?

- Which descriptors or claims are most likely to communicate nutrition to consumers?

- The use of "real food" ingredients to convey health is growing; what specific "real food" ingredients are rising in popularity for new baked goods?

- How can color or texture be used to signal improved healthfulness of baked goods products?

Key Highlights
The global bakery sector has developed an array of "better-for-you" products, overcoming many technical hurdles, but is this enough? These products need to sell and have consumers coming back for more to be successful. This presentation looks at tips, ideas, and secrets for cracking the code of marketing healthy baked goods products to consumers.
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