Household Cleaning Time Spend

Household Cleaning Time Spend

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The average global household cleaning time spend is decreasing. This brief highlights the main trends in time spend globally, with a focus on countries showing the biggest changes. In doing so, it identifies the biggest growth opportunities for household product manufacturers.

- Identify the main growth markets for household cleaning.

- Understand the outlook of household cleaning time spend globally.

- Understand the link between consumer behavior and market opportunities for manufacturers.

Reasons To Buy
- How does house cleaning time spend vary across countries?

- How is house cleaning time spend expected to change over the next five years?

- Which countries represent the biggest growth areas for manufacturers based on time spend?

Key Highlights
The average global weekly time spend is three hours 29 minutes as of 2015. It is expected to decrease to three hours 26 minutes by 2020.

With an average time spend of seven hours 22 minutes, Italian women spend the most time on household cleaning globally.
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