Ingredients Innovation and Emerging Industry Players

Ingredients Innovation and Emerging Industry Players

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The ingredients industry is becoming increasingly concentrated, as the large multinationals meet the needs of the food and drinks market, and build their size accordingly. However, there are many small companies operating in niche markets, often with a strong scientific or research background. This report profiles some of these innovative pioneers and examines their products and technologies.

- Understand the latest innovations being developed by small-medium sized companies in the ingredients sector.

- In-depth interviews with company insiders offer insight and unique perspective.

- Understand the product development models of some of the more innovative companies and how the larger players are starting to capitalize on this.

- Examine the key products and technologies that are supporting the emergence of the selected companies.

Reasons To Buy
- Which companies are particularly innovative in the ingredients sector?

- What are the key trends driving change in the global food and drinks ingredients industry?

- How is the evolution of the ingredients industry encouraging the emergence of small innovative pioneers?

- What is the market potential of these emerging companies?

- What products and technologies are driving the emergence of particular companies?

Key Highlights
UK-based Eminate has proprietary technology to create salt crystals that are a fraction of the size of normal salt crystals but retain an intense flavor. This enables the reduction of salt without sacrificing taste profile. Tate andamp; Lyle has already licensed Eminate's Soda-Lo product and is rolling it out in over 100 markets.

Malaysia's PureCircle is showing exceptional growth due to its dominant position in the supply of the natural sweetener stevia. Although setiva is not without its problems, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi have agreed long term supply deals with PureCircle. With over 80% of the global market, revenues will spike over the next decade for PureCircle .

US-based Accera has developed Axona, the only medical food available in the US that is positioned for treating Alzheimer's disease. The total yearly spend for neurodegenerative disorders in the US is between $157bn-$215bn, according to the New England Medical Journal, higher than both heart disease and cancer.
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