Innovation and Opportunity in the Omega-3 Sector

Innovation and Opportunity in the Omega-3 Sector

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Published On : May  2015
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Recent regulatory backing and industry activity have contributed to the integrity of products enriched with omega-3s, and the ingredient now offers the credibility needed to increase consumer acceptance and buy-in. The aim of this report is to examine the recent activity in the omega-3 market and provide an explanation for the recent upsurge of interest in this arena.

- Use volume and value data for EPA and DHA oils to assess the potential of the omega-3 market.

- Consider potential strategies for success, based on profiles of the target customer, and case studies effective innovation.

- Examine recent regulatory events with respect to this ingredient.

- Identify areas of market opportunity.

Reasons To Buy
- What authorized health claims exist for omega-3?

- What health benefits have been found to be associated with omega-3 consumption?

- Traditionally sourced from marine sources, what are the most promising emerging and sustainable sources of omega-3?

- What are the major areas of opportunity for omega-3 based products?

- What is the omega-3 market worth?

Key Highlights
Omega-3 products have established themselves as a major component of the overall food supplement market, and currently occupy the third position within the market behind multivitamins and calcium supplements.

A total of 10 health claims have been approved for omega-3 PUFAs by EFSA. Four of the claims were approved under Article 14 (referring to children's development and health) and six were approved under Article 13 (claims other than those referring to the reduction of disease risk or children's development and health).

Anchovy and sardine was the dominant source of EPA and DHA in 2011, but growth to 2020 is predicted to be highest in krill oil (CAGR, 18.0%) followed by algae (15.0%).
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