Innovations in Clean Label

Innovations in Clean Label

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June  2013  Pages : 53

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Clean labeling is a recognized trend in the FMCG industry, yet there remains no single, unified definition. More importantly, the term is not widely understood by consumers, who instead look for products containing natural ingredients. By examining how this trend has evolved, and the current innovation landscape, this report offers recommendations on how manufacturers can connect with consumers.

- Understand the most important recent developments in the clean labeling landscape.

- Examine how the trend has evolved in terms of product innovation and associated claims.

- Use a strategic analysis of clean labeling to inform future product innovation

- Assess what the trend means to consumers, why it is important, and how manufacturers can communicate a clean label message on their product packaging.

- Benefit from product launch data showing how clean label messaging has become more specific and direct.

Reasons To Buy
- What does clean labeling mean to the industry and to consumers?

- What benefit can manufacturers gain by utilizing a clean label message?

- How can manufacturers communicate a clean label message to consumers?

- In which product categories is clean labeling most significant and important?

Key Highlights
Key consumer drivers for clean labeling are the wish for better labeling of products (69% of consumers globally back stricter legislation) and demands for shorter ingredients lists (72% of consumers in the US find the idea either appealing or very appealing).

Product launch data suggest that clean label-qualifying claims are at best static or growing very slightly. US data suggest that manufacturers are making far fewer claims around either removal of additives or natural/organic qualities of products. Since 2008, product simplicity has been a more important theme for manufacturers.

The clean label cycle is an evolving flow between ingredient transparency, consumer education and awareness, and product formulation: throughout this process, manufacturers need to keep the focus on consumer trust.
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