Interactive Data: Sugar Consumption in 25 Markets, 2008 to 2019

Interactive Data: Sugar Consumption in 25 Markets, 2008 to 2019

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Published On : January  2015
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This unique dataset has been modelled by Datamonitor Consumer's analysts, who have extensively examined primary and secondary sources, including Datamonitor Consumer's proprietary global surveys and market sizing and forecasting models, trade and specialist publications, business and academic journals, national statistical sites/reports, and other reputable sources, to collate the data.

- Access a unique dataset showing overall sugar consumption per capita (grams per day) across 25 markets globally including the US, UK, and China.

- Explore the data by age and gender, to identify who the biggest consumers of sugar are, and where consumption is increasing or declining the most.

Reasons To Buy
- Where in the world is sugar consumption lowest and highest?

- Which consumer demographics (by age and gender) consume the most sugar?

- How will sugar consumption change between 2015 and 2019?

Key Highlights
Per capita sugar consumption is highest in Brazil and Malaysia, and lowest in China.

Sugar consumption is growing fastest in developing markets such as Turkey, Poland, and China, while it is falling in most developed markets, including Canada, Australia, the US, and the UK.

Keywords: sugar, diet, health, nutrition, non-alcoholic beverages, food, desserts, confectionary, chocolate, carbonated drinks, fruit, juice, snacks, ice cream.

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