Li-ion Phone Battery Market 2015-2019 - Global Trends and Forecast

Li-ion Phone Battery Market 2015-2019 - Global Trends and Forecast

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Published On : August  2015
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Report Scope and Market Landscape:

The report segments the market by type of mobile phones (Feature and Smartphones) and provides market shares by geographical segmentations (APAC, EMEA, and Americas).

The Li-ion Phone Battery Market for Mobile Phones is highly diverse and dominated by leading electronics manufacturers. The report discusses the top companies in the Li-ion Battery Market for Mobile Phones and includes a breakdown of their market shares. Apart from the big players, this market comprises many small-scale battery manufacturers that produce and sell batteries for almost all brands at cheaper rates than original replacement batteries.

The report highlights factors that are affecting these new entrants in managing their sales, distribution, and working capital effectively.

In addition, the report also discusses the major drivers that influence market growth while outlining challenges faced by companies.

Li-ion Phone Battery: Market Outlook and Growth Factors:

The report on Li-ion Phone Battery forecasts a moderate growth rate to enable this market to reach a market size of close to 3 billion units.

Technological advancements, such as improved life span of Li-ion batteries in mobile phones, is the key factor driving the growth of this market. Portability, long battery life, and declining Average Sales Price (ASP) of smartphones are further contributing to its growth rate.

As per the report forecast, the shipment of smartphones is expected to rise owing to high demand from developing nations such as China, Brazil, India, and Thailand. This high potential of smartphones in the global market is attracting new companies who are increasingly implementing strategies to establish a strong brand image to compete with global brands.

The research report also sheds light on mobile phone shipments and region wise shipment shares.

Li-ion Market Segmentation by Product Type: (Market Shares Included):

Giving a classification of the market by Mobile Phone Type, analysts have classified the market in the following categories:

The Smart Phone Segment (around 64.6%)
The Feature Phone Segment (around 35.4%)
The research report details various factors that are currently shaping the Market Share by Mobile Phone Types.

The report also gives an account of expected Market Shares of the individual Phone categories by 2019.

Geographical Segmentation by Regions and Countries (Market Shares and Sizes Included):

The leading countries in these regions include:

US, Brazil and Canada
UK, Germany, Russia, South Africa, France
China, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Indonesia
Top Companies in the Li-Ion Battery for Mobile Phone Market (Market shares included): 

The research report provides an in-depth discussion of the product categories manufactured by the top companies in the li-ion Battery Market.

Other Sections Include an Analysis on the Following:

Top three Drivers and its Impact on the Li-ion Battery for Mobile Phone Market
Top three Challenges and its Impact on the Li-ion Battery for Mobile Phone Market
Top three Trends and its Impact on the Li-ion Battery for Mobile Phone Market
Five Forces Analysis of Li-ion Battery for Mobile Phone Market
Technavio also offers customizations on reports based upon specific client requirement.

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