This report looks at the ICT market landscape in the UK criminal justice market. It is intended both for those currently working with public sector criminal justice clients, and those considering this market for the first time. Research Beam Model: Research Beam Product ID: 110118 4867 USD New
Ministry of Justice ICT landscape report

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Ministry of Justice ICT landscape report

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  • Published On : December  2013
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This report looks at the ICT market landscape in the UK criminal justice market. It is intended both for those currently working with public sector criminal justice clients, and those considering this market for the first time.
Kable Market Research covers the use of ICT in the public sector across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Cuts to the departmental expenditure limit of the Ministry of Justice come at a time when pressure on the Ministry’s services continue to rise. While the challenges of transitioning from a legacy ICT estate are considerable, so too are the opportunities. The scale of necessary savings cannot be achieved purely by cutting back budgets. There is a need to change business processes, which requires additional ICT investment.

While the department continues to centralise procurement, suppliers will increasingly need to understand how the different parts of the Ministry operate together in order to fully exploit the transformational opportunities.
Reasons To Buy
This report aims to help suppliers address this disparate market by:

• Explaining current drivers behind MoJ ICT expenditure
• Identifying the various routes to market
• Providing an overview of the current contract portfolio
• Analysis of changes envisioned by “Transforming Rehabilitation.”
• Providing an overview of transition to a future operating model through the FITS programme
• Highlighting key technological trends within the sector.

Table of Contents
1 Executive summary
1.1 ICT opportunities and key procurement programmes
2 Structure of criminal justice
2.1 Overview
2.1.1 England and Wales
2.1.2 Scotland
2.1.3 Northern Ireland
2.2 Political priorities and legislation
2.3 Courts and tribunals
2.2.1 England and Wales
2.2.2 Scotland
2.2.3 Northern Ireland
2.3 Prisons
2.3.1 England and Wales
2.3.2 Scotland
2.3.3 Northern Ireland
2.4 Probation
2.4.1 “Transforming Rehabilitation”
2.4.2 Opportunities for ICT in probation reform
3 Market drivers and challenges
3.1 Aims
3.1.1 Save 20% over four years
3.1.2 Transform to deliver efficient services
3.2 Context and challenges
3.2.1 Caseloads, prisons population and reoffending rates remain high
3.2.2 Reduced budgets and headcount
3.2.3 Inflexible and centralised ICT
3.2.4 Costly to develop ICT
3.3 Opportunity areas for ICT
3.3.1 Making offenders and case-related information flow through the system
3.3.2 Paperless office technologies
3.3.3 Productivity solutions to automate administration
3.3.4 Commercial off-the-shelf technology (COTS) and cloud
3.3.5 More flexible security solutions
3.3.6 Remote and mobile working
4 ICT initiatives and opportunities
4.1 MoJ ICT strategic priorities and challenges
4.2 MoJ key strategic ict initiatives
4.3 Pan-MOJ ICT initiatives
4.3.1 Future IT Sourcing (FITS)
4.3.2 FITS service integration and management (SIAM)
4.3.3 FITS end-user tender
4.3.4 FITS model current portfolio
4.3.5 Shared services
4.3.6 Cloud computing
4.3.7 “Digital-by-default.”
4.3.8 Digital exemplars
4.4 Courts ICT systems and initiatives
4.4.1 Extra investment in courts and cross-departmental collaboration
4.4.2 Updates to courts and tribunals ICT systems
4.4.3 DARTS for courts
4.4.4 Virtual courts and prison video-links for court appearances:
4.4.5 Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Transforming Through Technology – “T3”
4.5 Prisons ICT systems and initiatives
4.5.1 Updates to prisons and probation IT systems
4.5.2 NOMIS updates
4.5.3 OASys-R
4.5.4 National DELIUS case management system
4.6 Scotland
4.7 Northern Ireland
List Of Tables
List Of Figures
Figure 1 MoJ planned net departmental expenditure limits (DEL) for FY2013
Figure 2 Key organisations and delivery channels within the MoJ
Figure 3 Scottish Justice Directorate structure and funding flow
Figure 4 Structure and funding flow of the NI Department of Justice:
Figure 5 Strategic context for criminal justice ICT
Table 1 Short and medium term opportunities from ICT initiatives across criminal justice
Table 2 Current contract timeline
Table 3 Key current IT systems in use across courts, tribunals and the CPS
Table 4 Key IT systems in use across prisons and probation services