Muscling to the Top: Insights, Growth, and the Promise of Protein

Muscling to the Top: Insights, Growth, and the Promise of Protein

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April  2013  Pages : 40

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If you could design the perfect nutrient, it might look like protein. Not only is protein vital for health, but it has become a functional health star in packaged foods and drinks. This presentation explores protein's rising popularity, looking at changing consumer attitudes toward protein, unique new offerings, and new developments for the future.

- See what health properties consumers tend to associate protein consumption with.

- Discover how protein consumption tends to vary during the day, and which time of day accounts for an oversize share of consumption.

- Check out how the latest research into protein may open the door to future innovation opportunities in appetite control.

- Chart protein innovation by category and see which categories are most likely to make a “high protein” health claim, and which are least likely.

- Find out what the big trend in protein is right now as articulated by product producers, and how this could impact the market going forward.

Reasons To Buy
- What consumer groups are perceived to derive the greatest benefit from protein consumption?

- Greek yogurt is booming in part due to its high protein content. What other product categories are hoping for similar results, and are “going Greek?”

- What specific type of plant-based protein is showing up in three times as many products today as was the case in 2008?

- How are worries about food allergies and sensitivities changing the protein market?

- Older consumers need protein to fight sarcopenia, the age-related loss of skeletal muscle. How is protein consumption trending for this group?

Key Highlights
A leading candidate for the title of "macronutrient of the decade," protein is emerging as a new functional health star. Protein's role in managing weight, controlling appetite, enhancing muscle, and preventing sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss) is just beginning to be understood, laying the groundwork for future expansion.
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