New Product Opportunities for Healthy On-the-Go Snacks in the UK

New Product Opportunities for Healthy On-the-Go Snacks in the UK

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January  2013  Pages : 24

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As consumer lifestyles become more fluid, on-the-go innovation has become more important. This is particularly true for retailers as they look to grow their c-store operations to capitalize on changing consumer behavior. The products on offer now play a key part in driving the growth of the convenience retail sector. Other factors include merchandising and the retail environment itself.

- UK-specific data, highlighting the potential opportunities

- Best in class healthy on-the-go innovation from around the world, highlighting how to best capitalize on these trends in the UK.

- The innovation examples included in this report are very much located at the confluence of these two mega-trends.

Reasons To Buy
- What are chia seeds? What are their health benefits? How can they be incorporated into healthy on-the-go innovation?

- How have brands dovetailed with the on-the-go trend? What role has new packaging played? What is the future potential for liquefied snacks in the UK?

- Packaging and portion control: how can beverages be better apportioned to temper consumption?

Key Highlights
Health has emerged as a key driver of innovation in the last couple of years. There remains however a considerable gap between those that are interested in healthy products and those that actually buy them, especially in the functional health space.

There are numerous ways of conferring a healthy halo on on-the-go products, and this report highlights three of them by looking beyond the UK. They include new product formulations such as the inclusion of Chia seeds; liquefied snacking products; and new pack formats to encourage portion control.

Consumers are deriving a similar proportion of their snacking calories from beverages, as from food. Health-focused beverages are now key.
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