Opportunities in Beauty Oils ; Exploring consumer attitudes, drivers, innovation, and actions

Opportunities in Beauty Oils ; Exploring consumer attitudes, drivers, innovation, and actions

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February  2016  Pages : 24

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The use of natural oils in beauty formulations has exploded in recent years, creating new opportunities for brands to capitalize on these ingredients across the beauty spectrum. This brief explores the trend in depth and highlights key innovation implications for beauty brands.

Key Findings
- Consumer interest is captured by the use of new and exciting oil types within oil-based beauty and grooming products. The emergence and popularity of exotic oils such as argan oil from Morocco in recent years has increased this demand and there is even more pressure on brands to source ever-more unfamiliar, far-flung oils that can deliver a wide range of beauty benefits.

- Todays consumers are increasingly tenacious and demanding in their quest for natural solutions both in food and drink and in the personal care space. Natural beauty oils are well-positioned to capitalize on this sentiment.

- Opportunities in Beauty Oils delves into the dimensions and potential of this highly popular trend. With desire for natural, experimental, and effective beauty solutions showing no signs of abating, this creates an exciting innovation platform for brands to capitalize on utilizing oil-based formulations.

- CONSUMER INSIGHT: Data analysed from Canadeans consumer surveys delivers a clear picture of consumer attitudes towards beauty oils.

- DRIVERS: Detailed analysis of the drivers which are causing natural oils to gain momentum across the beauty space.

- INNOVATION: See the best examples of innovation and recommendations for brands operating in the market globally.

Reasons To Buy
- Highlights the key consumer and innovation trends impacting beauty oils.

- Identifies the key consumer attitudes towards beauty oils by region.

- Provides insight and inspiration for innovation programs and new product development.

Table Of Contents
1. What are beauty oils?
2. Why are the gaining traction?
3. Six innovation trends in beauty oils
i. Exotic oils
ii. Novel formats
iii. Adding oil functionality
iv. Multi-step solutions
v. Enhancing granularity
vi. Beyond hydration
4. Key take-outs and innovation opportunities
5. Appendix

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