Market Opportunities in Gluten-Free

Market Opportunities in Gluten-Free

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November  2013  Pages : 89

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A third of consumers say that they avoid specific foods or drinks due to a food allergy or intolerance. Gluten-free products are consumed by a much greater population than those who are medically intolerant. This report analyzes consumer survey data, market value estimates, and the product launch landscape to show the demand, current innovation, and opportunities for gluten-free products.

- Assesses the demand for gluten-free products, from the medically intolerant to the groups who choose to restrict gluten consumption.

- Evaluates new product launches of gluten-free products across the globe from 2008 and 2013 and discusses market trends.

- Offers market value estimates and examines market trends towards the manufacture of high quality, tasty, and nutritious gluten-free products.

- Assesses the use of alternative grains, flours and ingredients in gluten-free product innovation and technological advancements in formulation.

- Identifies new opportunities for the development of gluten-free products, including in supplements, beauty, body care, and infant nutrition.

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- What is the size of the gluten-free market, which markets are most active and which are worth pursuing in the future?

- Which consumer groups are most interested in gluten-free products?

- What new opportunities exist to develop gluten-free products?

- Which ingredients are being used in gluten-free products?

Key Highlights
41% of consumers who say they watch their weight also restrict their intake of gluten containing foods. 14% claim to do avoid gluten all of the time. These data suggest that consumers perceive gluten-free products to be "healthier for you" and useful in weight management, despite the lack of scientific evidence.

Gluten-free products represent a multi-billion dollar market. This fast growing segment will generate sales of $10.5bn in 2013 in the US, up by 19.9% on 2012. Yogurt and kefir products remain the number-one gluten-free food category, although the demand for more convenient, healthier snack foods has risen dramatically over the last two years.

There is considerable room in the market for the development of innovative drinks that can combine a variety of nutritious attributes - such as being gluten-free, low fat, low sugar, low in calories, rich in fiber, or high in vitamins and minerals - with functional ingredients to address the needs of the wider health-conscious community.
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